Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

When a musician finds his/her muse, s/he creates a piece of art.

Humans and music have shared a symbiotic relationship since time immemorial.

From being a mother’s lullaby to an introvert’s ally, it takes on countless forms.

Even more indispensably so in the Indian household where music claims a spot in a child’s extra-curricular development, spiritual practices, recreation, and bathroom boredom.

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It took me years of perfecting the verses of Rabindra Sangeet to become conscious of the fact that music is more than just the artistic manipulation of soundwaves.

Apart from being the perfect background score to many a daydream, music can now be your academic aide and assist you in not facing the music during exams.


A recent study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology has found that students who opted for music courses performed better in exams than those who did not. This study is also backed by the American Psychological Association.

The researchers involved in the study probed into the school records of over 1,12,000 students in British Columbia and found that the ones who were enrolled in courses related to music scored higher across all subjects as opposed to the rest.

“On average, the children who learned to play a musical instrument for many years, and were now playing in high school band and orchestra, were the equivalent of about one academic year ahead of their peers with regard to their English, Mathematics and Science skills,” said the lead author of the study.

The psychological benefits of listening to music have been well documented by various researchers over the past.

On a personal front too, music has consistently helped me settle my nerves during exam season and regain my composure.

Isn’t it high time that music became commonplace in the Indian school system as well?

Instead of treating it as a secondary activity, educational institutions should work towards introducing music as a primary discipline within their academic curriculum.

Apart from upping grades, it would also mark a significant leap forward in curbing the stigma around art courses.

Who knew that a course widely considered to be for the academically challenged would change the way we see academics forever?

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