After Spotify, another big player has entered the streaming music service in India, that being YouTube Music. 

The music streaming version of the YouTube app was launched in 2015 but for a long time, India was not on the list of the coveted countries that had access to it. 

With the launch of it now, even Indians can use YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium and even YouTube Premium along with all this. 

The price for the YouTube Music Premium is also much cheaper to what even Spotify is offering and that certainly brings a good competition to the music streaming service sector in India. 

What Is YouTube Music?

Basically, it is the music version of a normal YouTube, just working more in the way of typical music streaming apps. 

Unlike Google apps like YouTube, Maps, and Gmail, it is not inbuilt in your smartphone. So you will need to install it separately from Google Play Store. 

You get song recommendations based on previous activity, pre-made playlists like Driving Mood, New Released, Dining With An Artist, Stress Buster, Working Out, Best of 60’s and more in the free version. 

Focused more on the music part, you still see videos of the songs, but are able to filter out any other unnecessary videos in the app. 

You also get to see covers of popular songs and live performances on the app in much better quality than available on the original YouTube app.

While the free version is available with ads, YouTube Music Premium is also an option considering the extremely cheap price it is set at. 

At only Rs. 99 per month, you get the premium version of the app along with no ads, ability to play songs and video in the background and even when the phone is locked. You also get the option to download songs to listen to in offline mode and a family pack of Rs. 149 per month, which you can share with 5 members. 

Have to give props to YouTube for being quite smart with their pricing, seeing how this is even lower to what Spotify is offering at Rs. 119 per month. 

You will also be getting 3 months of free YouTube Music Premium subscription if you sign up, after which you will be charged automatically.

If you are already subscribed to Google Play Music you get free access to YouTube Music Premium. 

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YouTube Premium

Along with YouTube Music, YouTube Premium is also now available in India. 

YouTube Premium will have everything in a bundle that is YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Original shows like Cobra Kai and BTS: Burn The Stage and being able to play views in the background while working on other apps, all for just Rs. 129 per month. 

It also includes ad-free usage, offline downloads and other features in the premium version. 

To be honest, it makes more sense economically, to just get the YouTube Premium, wherein you get Music Premium and various other features as an add on instead of just Music Premium. 

Considering that Spotify got almost 1 million downloads in India within a week of its launch, YouTube Music has a tough competition to beat. 

But the smart pricing and interesting features are surely something that will pull people over to it. 

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Source: The Verge, The Indian Express, India Today

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