Legalizing marijuana in India seemed like the perfect utopian dream for most people until the generation of misguided millennials with an epiphanic discovery of free will started petitioning to turn this dream into a reality.

But throwing rationality into the bin faster than I could say “Wait” seems like a rushed stance too, doesn’t it? Seemingly so.

Now, fast forward to some logic based argumentation and thoughtful rhetoric.

We’ll take a look at the factors which don’t advocate absolute free will with a dangerous dose of idiocy and rather introspect that why legalizing marijuana in India could be more dangerous than predicted:

My prime reason, to begin with, is a lack of framework when we talk about legalizing marijuana in India which I’d like to exclusively elucidate.

Alright so quintessentially, drugs are of 2 types: OTC and Prescription. OTC are the ones which are distributed “over-the-counter” and the latter is given with a doctor’s prescription.

Legalizing marijuana in India comes with the added risk of either declaring the drug as a prescribed medicine to further outrage among citizens and the government having to amend over a 100 laws to accommodate the usage of marijuana or legalizing it as an OTC medicine, which is no short of causing national chaos.

An example here can be easily explained with a stakeholder analysis of 3 people:

A law abiding citizen, a drug addict and the drug retailer.

Now, the law abiding used the medicine Corex (which was first banned and later un-banned) by buying it from a retailer to treat his cough whereas the drug addict used it for his daily trip and getting high at a cheap price, all under the umbrella of absolute legality, only because the medicine was sold as an OTC medicine.

Juxtaposing this situation with marijuana (weed) could potentially result in utter chaos.

Anyone and everyone will be granted access to it and even if 20 percent of the 1.3 billion in the country start using it “recreationally”, it’s not tough to imagine the bleak future.

Legalizing Marijuana In India

Secondly, let’s talk about its cultivation and how people believe that this industry will create more jobs:

In an agrigarian country like ours where corruption is entrenched till the last grain of the annually cultivated wheat, do you really expect that decriminalizing marijuana will be effective in terms of “job creation”?

It’ll only promote the illegal third party culture and further enhance drug trade, thanks to the already depleting condition of the farmers.

When the argument of legalizing an activity in order to stop its illegal use comes to your mind, legalizing marijuana in India skips my cerebral cortex.

In other news, an article for all you hyped-up pseudo-rebellious millennials out there: This Meat Ban In Gurgaon Is Actually A Good One: Read First Then React

One can only imagine a rapid cultivation process under criminal pressure to export the product as a cartel does, only to further enlarge the criminal business instead of “creating jobs”. This reversal is something the government wouldn’t want on its hands.

Next up, we move to the usage of marijuana:

An article on a website whose name rhymes with DoopBoop says that legalizing marijuana will ensure that quality marijuana is provided to users for recreational use with a proper framework.


Did you learn nothing from Udta Punjab?

Quality drug provision with a legal framework, I’m pretty sure the writer was smoking weed himself.

I’d like to coalesce this point with my 4th one, which talks about an irony in its true essence:

In 2017, we are (or the state is) trying to protest against tobacco (and trying to get it banned) and here we are debating at the same time to legalize a drug and make it accessible for recreational use.

There’s no state authority, no guidelines, not even a dignified definition of the term “recreational use” but you just gotta do it because you need to smoke weed and get high to act cool.

I refer to such people as the plural form of a Hindi cuss word but well, that’s what the impression these people leave behind them.

Anyway, if you’re gonna talk sense, act like it instead of trying to gain mobilized momentum for a movement which has no definitive aim.

Aim high. Don’t get high.

Live long and prosper.

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Sources:  Wikipedia, News18 

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