Early 2019 for ARMYs couldn’t get any better, with BigHit, the label company for BTS, dropping a tweet announcing the release of a new album; Map Of The Soul: Persona, this April 12th.

Furthermore, the ever devoted ARMYs seem to be in a frenzy with just 30 days left to prepare themselves for the comeback and pre-order the album that was made available to order from BigHit’s official site on 13th March 2019.

The album has already been anticipated as one of the biggest release this year and fans around the world have begun their plans to make it the no. 1 album on Billboard top 200 chart.


Just like the Love Yourself Series, BTS will take the world of music production beyond the lyrics and flashy MVs, to something deeper, layered and spell bounding.

The worldwide phenomenal band is known to make their fans into bookworms by basing their album concepts on books and in order to understand their MVs and songs, many ARMYs go through them.

Wings era was based on the book Demian by Hermann Hesse and Love Yourself: Tear was based on Into The Magic Shop by James R. Doty. For this album the book speculated to be the inspiration for, is Jung’s Map Of The Soul by Murray Stein.

Fans can expect the storyline to be sustained. The songs and storyline of the previous released albums will be continued on a bigger scale and will clarify the story with a different aspect.

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Carl Gustav Jung who was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, proposed in his book about four archetypes or psyches of human mind that make up wholistic personality and character of an individual. These archetypes are namely, Shadow, Anima/Animus, Persona and Self.

It is alleged that the album would weave around these archetypes through out the series, while developing the previous storylines. According to some fans the supposed link is:




And now Map Of The Soul will revolve around the Persona archetype, which in Latin means mask and BTS has incorporated the element in various performances before.


According to the Archetype theory, LY: HER was the Anima stage, where the girls in the Highlight reels represented the feminine side of the boys, their alter female ego.

Shadow was hinted in LY: TEAR, where the dark and repressed sides of the boys were highlighted.

LY: ANSWER, circled around the Self archetype, which signified the acceptance and awareness of our own existence and ego.

So, the story adds and moves on to Persona in the upcoming album which would centre around the idea of revealing what are the masks and what is behind them.

The album will be released on 12th April and therefore fans have also connected to the Save Me webtoon, in which Jin, the oldest member of the group goes back in time. So it is likely that we would get some finality in the time travel concept.

It is also possible that we would get to see the other timeline of the story or go back in past, where Jin is reunited with his group and they collectively embrace their individual persona and move on to the next phase of life.

ARMYs across the globe have lost their wigs and it is no time to chill. There are many speculations bouncing on Twitter regarding the number of versions we will get to see or the number of EPs that will be included in the series and it is a total chaos while anticipating the grand release of the album.

Knowing BigHit, it is sufficient to say that they can drop the concept photos, trailer etc, like a bomb on us and we can say good bye to peaceful sleep.

Nevertheless, it is a routine life of an ARMY and we are all hyped to make this comeback a success.

What are your thoughts on this?

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