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The worldwide phenomena of music sensation- BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan/ Beyond The Scene) that took over the globe, finally landed in India on 2nd February 2019, making Desi ARMYS a part of the novel history.

Their new movie BTS World Tour: Love Yourself In Seoul, which followed shortly after their first-ever movie Burn The Stage; The Movie, was released worldwide on 26th January 2019. Hitting a little late in India it still made a humongous impact nonetheless, with ARMYS across the country pouring in, flooding theaters with their absolute devotion and love for the boy band.

Although the whole world is getting wrapped up in the Hallyu wave, there are still people who seem to be indifferent and rather repressive towards the growing population of Korean pop culture fans.

With the sphere of the Korean market expanding in India, people have become familiar with BTS’s name but without ever experiencing the magic of the boy band, people have created a negative ideology regarding them, especially the “men”.

The male population of our country are conservative towards the boy band, having views that usually revolve around calling them “Girl like, talent less people feeding off by doing weird fan service, etc.”

Thus, in this edition of VoxPop, we went around and asked male and female Indian ARMYS,

“As a first-timer with BTS, what should Indian conservative men take away from them and their stories?”

And the answers that came were eye-openers for sure.

Mohd. Areeb:

“Men in our country have a weird concept of masculinity. Wearing makeup and earrings doesn’t make you feminine. They should know that it isn’t their appearance that is attractive, their deep and meaningful songs and stories is why I stan them.”


“BTS promote the agenda of youth. They are the global ambassador of UNICEF; non-violence and youth propaganda. They promote and raise voice against issues like having goals, facing rejections and pressure from the society. The young males of our country can inspire themselves by following their ideas for sure.”

Anshika Supehia:

They should take away the aspect of becoming more conscious and respectful towards different cultures. They write songs about women empowerment too, and they should learn to respect and support women. Their lyrics are sensitive and take into consideration of various faiths, cultures and gender identity and I think men should really learn such things.”

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Shika Yadav:

They promote gender neutrality and gender fluidity. Their stories and concept are real and they generalise stereotypical compartmentalisation. People should learn to embrace their individuality and respect themselves irrespective of their appearance. They support self-love and describe the journey of self-acceptance and struggles. Men of our country should understand such gravity of their music.”

Surashree Bhattarcharjee:

Their co-relation with ARMY shows how emotionally expressive they are. They can influence not just adult men but young woman and man too of all genders and age. Their songs are deep and can be resonated by guys who are suffering from stereotypical issues and are not just capitalism.”

We hope slowly but surely there is a change in the rigid mentality of Indian men and they see beyond the barriers of culture and nationality.

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  1. Thank you for this article and I hope people regardless of their age and gender can finally have an understanding of BTS and their music insight as well as their global impact on millions

  2. Thankyou for writing such a precise article about the issue of toxic conservative masculinity forced upon Indian men, I hope the notion changes asap and we all get to enjoy art and entertainment from diverse cultures without any discrimination.

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful Article. I stan BTS because of their music and lyrics. I can’t imagine my life without BTS . I You .

  4. I love BTS, and there are only countable men who do love them too. Their music is amazing, and art has no exceptions. Men need to understand this. They sound dumb right now when they say “BTS looks like girls” and bullshit.

  5. I think it should be “Indian conservative men and women”??? I have face those conservative ppl the way they act towards BTS without knowing them…This article is a good 1

  6. Guess I along with my lil cousin are trying to convince the exact same thing to the society that…. These guys are better men than most men in india( if you go by the women safety stats)… So respect them moreover jwellery and makeup doesn’t define you…. Your work does
    and their work is marvellous, be it on women empowerment, mental health, societal beliefs, or even on love
    They have been outstanding, making us ARMYs proud

    We love you bangtan sonyeondan


  7. Fact still lies that these men are not going to open up. It’s sad actually, to feel the need to conform . These men don’t know they have an option to live like they want to and not as they’re conditioned to.


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