In a commendable effort to uplift the grieving denizens of the Syrian Republic, the Indian government has pledged to assist the United Nations (UN) to supply the ailing nation with COVID-19 vaccines. This comes at a time when the entire world is out for Syrian blood.

The Indian administration, in relation to the disastrous year that the world witnessed last year, pledged to deliver vaccines, food and other necessary amenities to ailing nations owing to the severity of the pandemic.

The Syrian Republic has come under the fundamental spotlight owing to the atrocious conditions it has found itself in. The lack of amenities such as food, clean drinking water and basic medical supplies has left the country reeling from the excessive destruction caused in the past decade.

Syria And Its Decade Of Destruction 

The Syrian Civil War has left 17 million Syrian residents, alongside the 6.2 million displaced people, suffering the majority of the brunt posed by the continuous onslaught by the Bashar regime.

The Russian Federation is the first to support the regime while the United States gathered their armaments and began their onslaught against the regime and, in effect, the Russian Federation.

The Syrian Republic had thus succumbed to a decade of incessant atrocities compounded by the foreign intermediaries, the Syrian administration and the rebel groups that had scattered across the land. 

The image of the little drowned boy floating off the sandy shores of the Greek island of Kos in 2015, marked the start of massive growth in popular impetus concerning the state of Syria. The succeeding weeks signalled growing international concern for the middle eastern nation.

The conflict knew no stop. The onslaught had reached such a point when one could not look two metres without catching a glimpse of crumbling buildings and strewn about corpses. The turning point came in 2016 as the world caught a glimpse of the megacity of Aleppo, which had been blown to smithereens.

The destruction that left Aleppo bleeding

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Although the Syrian situation is becoming better of late, the footprints left by the civil war are still present and as visible as they were back in the day. The civil war is still no closer to halting than it was a year ago, and the international powers aren’t helping in the least.

Joe Biden’s government’s decision to perpetuate airstrikes on the southeastern Syria-Iran borders to capsize Iran-backed Syrian militias only pushes the Syrians further into a rabbit hole of destruction. 

US bomber planes that changed the lives of Syrian civilians in their desperate “War Against Terrorism”

India’s Aim To Revitalize Syria With Vaccine Maitri

However, amidst all the furore, the Indian Government’s decision to support the Syrian Republic and its people by providing them with humanitarian aid has further cemented India’s identity as one of the major nations to provide aid to the ailing nations.

This has come as a breath of fresh air to the grief-stricken nation of Syria. India has been absolutely imperative to the Syrian cause as it has always been the first nation to come to its aid and offer its hand for friendship. 

In the past few years, India has extended humanitarian and logistical assistance to Syria amounting to 12 million dollars through bilateral and multilateral channels.

Last July, more than 10MT (metric tonnes) of medical supplies were delivered to Syria to help cope with the pandemic, while last month, more than 2000MT food supplies were sent to Syria owing to food insecurity.

India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu stated, “We also stand ready to work with the UN and its agencies to ensure COVID-19 vaccines can be brought to the aid and assistance of the people of Syria.” 

2000 metric tonnes of rice sent to Syria as humanitarian aid

This development comes at a time when the Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar, had addressed the Security Council with regards to India’s deployment of vaccines to both the COVAX facility, as well as the country’s friends and neighbours. 

“Starting with our immediate neighbours, 25 nations across the world have already received Made in India vaccines. 49 more countries will be supplied in the coming days, ranging from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands,” Jaishankar had stated. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs, S Jaishankar, at a conference

This development is a massive impetus for India to develop cordial relations with the Syrian Republic alongside developing a more positive image of itself in the international hemisphere.

Coupled with that, this development shall provide the Syrians with a new lease of life that had been lost in the conflict that has pressured the Syrians into desperation and mortal toil. 

This article is but a prayer of hope for the people belonging to Syria, the ones who were washed away, and the ones who were displaced. India’s efforts to uplift Syrians are as commendable as they are noteworthy. I leave this article on a glimmer of hope as I await with bated breath just like you.

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Sources: USA Today, The Hindu, NPR

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