The Syrian Civil War has now been going on for over 6 years. As a result, thousands have died and millions have been both internally and externally displaced, creating a massive humanitarian crisis.

Apart from that, the war has created complicated geopolitical situations and has brought the world’s superpowers at odds with each other. It has led to the creation of a Middle Eastern cold war and has further deteriorated the region.

But, the silver lining in all of this is the global response to the humanitarian crisis, which has been largely positive. Barring some detractors, Europe has opened its borders to the refugees and the outpouring of aid and assistance from the UN has been massive.

Unfortunately, according to new information that has come to light, even this silver lining has acquired a black tarnish. The BBC reported massive sexual exploitation of women in the name of aid.

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This shrugging off of the responsibility by the UNHCR is troubling. The basic rights of people who already live in adverse circumstances should not be toyed with. Even if they are, shirking off the responsibility is not the right way.

The UN should take responsibility and implement policies to ensure that such a gross violation of rights does not happen.

Sources: BBC, The Telegraph, The Independent

Image Credits: Google Images

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