Bahubali 2 has successfully completed 50 days in theaters and is still running strong. Half the population has finally gotten their answers to the million dollar question, “Katappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyun Maara?”

I am probably one of the biggest fans of Bahubali and everyone around me knows this by now – my family (who themselves love the film so much), my friends, my colleagues, relatives, far-fetched juniors, neighbours, Sharma Ji ka ladka, their entire family, Sonu ki chachi ke bete ki masi ke bache…everyone knows!!!

I am totally immersed in the world of Bahubali having watched both the films innumerable times; the animated series, ‘Bahubali – The Lost Legends’ that tells the tales before the war with Kalakeya and pretty much why it happened; and having read the book – The Rise Of Sivagami.

I was also present at the book launch by the way. *wink wink* You jealous?

My special moments with SS Rajamouli

There are so many stories around the kingdom of Mahishmati that I felt like adding my own versions to it.

So here are some FAN THEORIES to add to or rather ruin your Bahubali experience:-

1) Sivagami was power-drunk and didn’t want Amarendra to rule Mahishmati! 

She didn’t want too powerful a king on the throne and that’s why she dismissed Amarendra from the role of the King. Devasena was a convenient and timely excuse.

She knew that the ‘praja’ loved Amarendra more and not Bhallaldeva. So their ultimate allegiance would still lie with her if Bhallaldeva was crowned instead of Bahubali.
This way she would exercise power like she had been doing for the past 25 years.

But it backfired with Bhallaldeva.

2) Amarendra Bahubali was never in love with Devasena. 

Bahubali and Katappa had been sent off to capture Kuntala in the name of ‘Deshatan’. There was a lurking threat yet again from the pirates who wanted a revenge from Mahishmati for their last defeat (You need to watch the animated series ‘Bahubali: The Lost Legends’ for that).

‘Bahubali-The Lost Legends’ is available on Amazon Prime:-

They knew that negotiation with Kuntala was not an option this time since they had experienced a failure of it in the past. Therefore, his alliance with Devasena was a mere political move to bring Kuntala kingdom to its knees.

But when Devasena didn’t cave, a sham of a cold war between the brothers was put up to get a chance to acquire Kuntala.

3) Katappa was in love with Sivagami

Sivagami had a tough childhood and teenage (you’ll know if you have read the book). Meanwhile, Katappa was also dangling on the principles set by his father Malayappa and his brother Shivappa’s rebellious nature (Trust me – you’ve got to read the book).

In these moments of dilemma, Katappa found a sensible friend in Sivagami but his slave status could not let him acknowledge what he felt for her. Sivagami too felt affection for this handsome man and did make advances.

There came a time when both of them acknowledged it but kept their relationship under wraps forever. In the public eye, they maintained a ‘Rajmata-Royal Slave’ relationship but it was a whole other ballgame behind the scenes.

4) Sivagami got Maharaja Vikramdeva killed 

Maharaja Vikramdeva
Maharaja Vikramdeva

Vikramdeva who was the younger brother of Bijjaladeva had always been in love with Sivagami (Again – read the book). He was no man made of steel. He was a poet at heart. Although he loved his ‘praja’ but was not a shrewd man who could understand the ways of the world.

Sivagami knew his affection towards her and she took advantage of it off and on. Since he was a weak statesman and Bijjaladeva was unsuitable for the throne, she knew that the throne only belonged to them by the virtue of their lineage.

She had forever wanted to destroy Mahishmati but when she saw more benefit in ruling it than destroying it, she got Vikramadeva killed which was very shrewdly termed as ‘Akaal Mrityu’.

Since then, she virtually ruled Mahishmati. Remember, “Mera vachan hi hai shaasan.”

5) The entire flashback story that Katappa told Mahendra Bahubali or Shiva was a lie! 

Devasena was forced to marry Bhallaldeva as part of the ultimate political alliance but she was ill-treated in her bad marriage. She belonged to a kingdom that had been ruled by women in the past and she had the same ambitions. Her dreams were quashed when she was married off to Bhallaldeva. But her ambitions rekindled off and on and what better than Mahishmati to rule! She just couldn’t find any perfect match to compete with Bhallaldeva’s prowess.

Therefore, the whole backstory was created by Katappa and Devasena who came across Shivudu/Shiva when they visited Amoli gaon in disguise.

Mahendra Bahubali/Shiva was seen as a powerful contender and basically used as a pawn to overthrow Bhallaldeva so Devasena could get her revenge and virtually rule Mahishmati through her ‘obedient son’.

I hope I have messed up with your minds enough to force you to think apart from the obvious!!

So tell us your fan theories in the comments sections! We would love to hear them!

                                                   JAI MAHISHMATI!!!!!

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