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6 Things You Probably Never Knew About Car Tyres


Let’s face it. Car tyres aren’t the world’s most exciting topic to talk about. Still, it’s an important subject regardless.

Your car tyres are crucial safety elements and protect you from harm when you’re driving.

As a car owner, you might not know much about the world of tyres. Other than they are black and made of rubber!

To pay homage to these black circles we all rely on, here are six things you probably never knew about them:

car tyres

  1. Car manufacturers are moving towards tall and narrow tyres

Most vehicles you see on the road have wide and chunky tyres. Sporty cars might have ones with a thin sidewall. But, for the most part, all vehicle tyres are big.

Car manufacturers have started introducing tall and narrow tyres for wheels. There are two reasons for doing so. One, they are energy-efficient. And, two, they are aerodynamic. Cars like the BMW i3 sport narrow 19-inch tyres. It’s likely they will become commonplace soon.

2. Smart tyres are the future

We all know that technology evolves at a rapid pace. The same fact applies to tyre technology. Tomorrow’s rubber will no longer be “dumb.”

Smart tyres will consist of embedded computer chips that communicate with your car. They will allow cars to offer a more precise driving experience. Plus, they’ll alert drivers to punctures, flats or other tyre damage.

3. Most people get new tyres fitted at home

For many car owners, getting new tyres mean a trip to the nearest tyre garage. Nowadays, more of us get our tyres changed without going anywhere! Mobile tyres is now a thing. In a nutshell, the facilities needed to change and balance tyres are now provided from a van.

That gives motorists the flexibility to have new tyres fitted wherever they are. A welcome bonus is that many providers are often cheaper than traditional tyre garages. That’s because they have much lower overheads.

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4. Tyres will inflate themselves in the future

I don’t know about you, but it’s such a chore to keep checking tyre pressures each week. Especially if you don’t have the means to do so at home!

Air naturally escapes out of all tyres over time. That’s why car makers insist owners check their pressures on a regular basis. Goodyear Dunlop Tyres are developing “air maintenance technology”. In other words, tyres of the future will inflate themselves!

5. Noisy tyres will become a thing of the past

Have you ever noticed that some tyres are noisier than others on the road? Especially at high speeds? Continental Tyres hopes to remedy that problem with their ContiSilent range of rubber. They claim that their ContiSilent tyres will reduce cabin noise by up to nine decibels.

6. Tyres shouldn’t get used if they are more than 8 years old

Some people assume that tyres will only become worn when the tread depth starts to reach legal limits. But, they should also get replaced if they are 8+ years old.

As you know, tyres get made from rubber amongst other things. Rubber starts to harden over time, especially when exposed to constant heat and sunlight. Older tyres are more likely to “blow” because of that effect.

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