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4 Things That Your Dogs Know That You Don’t Know


Do you know that dogs have an innate form of sixth sense?

Dogs are not just cute and cuddly creatures and neither are they just an added form of protection as many people believe.

Dogs are also not stupid, they are extremely aware and affected by the people, feelings, and emotions around them.

If you are one of those people who think that dogs are brainless animals that will go to whoever has the treat then you are extremely wrong in that thinking.

It has already been proven that many animals have a certain kind of sixth sense, such as rats know when a ship is about to go down, and birds and small rodents and animals know when a natural calamity is going to happen.

You can usually tell that when they are evacuating from a certain place in a hurry and especially during non-migration period.

dogs sixth sense

Similarly, even dogs have that same kind of sixth sense, here are a few times when they show it:

1. Emotional Sixth Sense:

One of the most famous sixth sense that dogs are known for is the emotional connect they have with their owners.

It is quite common for dogs to intuitively know when their owner or family is sad and depressed and immediately they go to comfort them.

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2. They Know When Death Is Near:

Another one is how dogs are able to sense when death is near or someone is about to die.

Many times they show this by starting to cry sometime before someone dies.

A friend has personally experienced this when her dog started to cry 10 mins before they got the news that their uncle was dying. The uncle was in a different country at that time.

3. They Can Even Detect Cancer:

Certain studies have also proven that dogs can detect malignant tumours before they can reach a critical level.

This is because of their superior sense of smell and a big reason why they are used by police and authorities to snuff out harmful material.

Doctors are planning to use this superior sense of dogs to find out tumours so that they can be treated in time.

4. They Can Sense Earthquakes:

It has also been noticed that dogs can sense an oncoming earthquake.

Scientists have said this is because dogs are more vulnerable to high-frequency sounds and thus are able to sense an earthquake coming before humans do.

Image Credits: Google Images

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