Well, we all thought Indian men are masters at misbehaving in airplanes. But now, we’re targeting cruise ships namely the Royal Caribbean Australian Cruise.

Last month, at least 1,300 of Indian tobacco company – Kamla Pasand employees virtually took over the Voyager of the Seas. As a result, the ship authorities had to issue full refunds to passengers who complained that their experience was ruined.

Passengers had to occupy other parts of the ship

Voyager of the seas or wild parties?

According to media outlets, employees of Kamla Pasand came aboard the cruise on the Voyager of the seas for the purpose of a conference visit.

The cruise which left Sydney was meant for a conference visit but that soon turned host to wild parties, with woman dressed as Playboy bunnies.

Australian website 9news reports: “The lavish Voyager of the Seas was turned into the “voyager of the sleaze” shortly after leaving port when roughly 1,300 employees from Indian company Kamla Pasand took over the ship’s pool decks and bars – blocking shocked passengers from many parts of the 140,000 tonne vessel.”

Others reported that the Indian men blocked passengers way from some parts of the ship and took over the ship’s pool, bars, and buffet. While the ‘rowdy’ men were in a frenzy, the other passengers were forced to retreat from these places.

The party got even wilder as the company had hired burlesque dancers.

“It was almost like a huge bucks (bachelor) party, a bucks night for 1,200 people,” a passenger from Sydney Cassandra Riini told the Australian Nine Network’s A Current Affair.

She also stated that the men were constantly filming her daughter and friends on their smartphones.

The social events which usually take place on the ship like bingo and trivia nights were also cancelled, owing to lack of interest on the part of the employee’s end as the Indians opted to attend the cabaret.

As a result of all this, the situation got so out of hand that the Royal Caribbean International had to issue a full refund to passengers.

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Men joining Burlesque on the ship deck.

Are the Aussies rightfully defaming Indians?

Ratna Chadha CEO of Tirun Travel Marketing, which is the exclusive India representative of Royal Caribbean International, defended the situation.

In a statement to Financial Express she said, “There was no incident reported on board, there were more than 3000 passengers, of which only six Australians complained, post-defacto (after de-boarding the ship).”

She criticized passengers for not complaining on board and raising alarms after they went home, highlighting that the entertainment on board was all family style and in lieu of ship policies.

Finally, she blamed the passengers for maligning Indians for no reasons at all.

“They can’t see Indians having a good time. These guys (Kamla Pasand employees) knew their limits. On a cruise line which has a guest conduct policy, a group policy, and an enclosed environment, one can not do all this. This is a family cruise line, there is some other motive behind it.”

This calls for a detailed explanation on the part of the ship authorities. Although Indian people have been known for their misbehaviour in the past, some of the statements made by Ratna Chadha do make some sense.

With this instance, the Indian culture shows its true picture yet again. We tend to blame Westerners of rudeness, bias, racism and what not. But how are we different?

Even if these employees are guilty to be punished, the legalities at sea tend to be complex.

According to Telegraph UK, although ships are considered to be the safest means of travel, the location of a ship when a crime takes place, its previous and next port of destination, the nationality of the victim and perpetrator and the country where the ship is registered can all determine whose legal system is applied.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Financial Express, Daily Star, WND 

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