Everyone in life usually makes bad choices at some point of time. These men made bad choices too, and payed the price for it.

Ex-prisoners in Telangana were offered jobs recently at a Telangana prisons recruitment drive for firms like Flipkart and HDFC with monthly salaries ranging from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 18,000.

A Second Chance For A Better Life

Almost 11 million Americans served more than two years behind the bars due to crimes ranging from speeding offences, brawls to murders. And about 40% of them were given a chance to participate in Prison Job Fairs where big brands employed them.

Ex-convicts get job training in USA

Over 200 former prisoners were given another chance in life to get a decent job and lead a better life in Telangana as well.

These former inmates included murder convicts, cyber criminals and thieves who were offered jobs of security guards, medical attendants, delivery boys and marketing executives.

New release prisoners at the job fair

Besides just giving salaries, firms have offered to give them health insurance, provident fund saving and festive bonuses, just like they would give to any other regular employee.

“We have identified over 1,000 jobs offering salaries ranging from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 18000 per month. Depending on the skills and the eligibility, many will get jobs”, inspector general A. Narasimha told Hindustan Times.

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The Perception Of Employers On Them

An article in The Guardian once mentioned the risks that come with employing former offenders like reputation of the company employing them, lack of skill, staff and customers being uncomfortable, and the obvious chance of repetition of criminal acts.

But the job fair in Telangana aimed at providing jobs to released prisoners and ensure that they do not commit any crimes again. Provision of a decent livelihood would induce a sense of responsibility in them.

Some placed ex-prisoners were Sudheer who opted for a driver’s job in Khammam where his wife worked at a petrol pump, Ashwini who asked for an office assistant’s job and Koteshwar Rao who applied for a record assistant’s job at a medical agency, something similar to what he did before going to prison.

Prisoners get jobs in medical attendants, computer operator posts

It is a rather rare sight that murder convicts would be employed as medical attendants or thieves as security guards, but L. Ramana, HR Head of the well known G4S Security solutions sought to employ around 50 security guards from among the ex-prisoners.

These offenders were well trained in various crafts, skills and counselled while serving terms inside prison. Over 150 showed signs of improved mental conditions and change in perception towards ways of getting money, and were hence allowed for the job fair.

Bad steps and choices turned them into criminals and they all served more than 20 years in prison. With such livelihood opportunities, these deemed criminals can be turned into responsible, well settled and decent citizens of the country.

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, Inshorts, Business Standard

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