“Total number of coronavirus cases in India touches 600; death toll reaches 15”

“Global economy to lose more than $2 trillion due to the coronavirus crisis”

“Here’s what are celebrities are upto in amid the lockdown”

“5 things you could do in quarantine”

I know, I know. Coronavirus has taken over both electronic and print media just as quickly as it took over the world. Today, news articles, blogs, videos, social media and even memes have only one topic to explore. Of course, covering the virus and spreading awareness is extremely important, but non-stop coverage of it gets a little too overwhelming at times, and one starts yearning for a break from this monotony.

This is why, we bring to you some of the quirkiest content written by our bloggers in the past few days that will divert your attention, and hopefully make you happy –

1. Have We Finally Decoded Dog’s Language?

Author – Prachi Sharma

Henlo Frens! Coronavirus doin the scares, heckin big scare!”

Oops, did we just mention coronavirus? Nevermind, we bet this article will bring a smile across your face. It’s about our favorite furry friends (FFF) after all!

2. Fake Friendly Fridays: Babu Bhaiyya On Losing Money Because Of Yes Bank, Hera Pheri, And Coronavirus

Author – Ishita Bajai

“Paise ka chakkar aur babu bhaiyya”

Did I just mention FFF above? Well, this reminds me of ED’s “Fake Friendly Fridays”, a section where we conduct a “fake” interview of a famous personality. Why, you ask? Because why not? Duh!

3. What Makes An ‘Adult’ Miss Cartoon Network And Disney’s Jetix

Author – Ayush Das

Those days we had Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney’s Jetix, Nicklodean, Animax and a few more.”

Ah, good old days! Our blogger Ayush hits all the right nerves in this article as he discusses the cartoons of the past, and compares them with the cartoons of today.

4. Here’s Why Invisible Aliens May Exist Amongst Us And We’ll Never Know

Author – Yameena Zehra

“Aliens may exist in forms invisible to the human eye”

This article is bound to make you curious as it explores the possibility of the existence of aliens, and how we may never be able to see them. Wouldn’t give you any more spoilers, just go ahead and find out why yourself.

5. Does Kurkure Have Plastic Or Not? We Finally Settle The Debate

Author – Chirali Sharma

“For quite a few years, Kurkure has had to endure the constant suspicion from customers and people that there might be plastic present within the chips”

If you haven’t ever discussed this hot topic with your friends, I doubt if you’ve even eaten India’s favorite snack – Kurkure (no, I’m not being paid to say this). Nevertheless, we finally settle the debate for you. Go ahead and find out.

6. Here’s Why I Feel The Only Good Thing About TikTok Are Dog Videos

Author – Prachi Sharma

Some of the dogs in these videos do interesting tricks while others purely entertain with their boop tests and crazy food taste checks”

We thought it would be morally incorrect if we don’t end this article with our favorite furry friends – doggos, just how we started it.

We hope this was a happy break from the usual content that we find on the internet these days. If coronavirus still interests you, we have a compilation of some of the smartest articles to read on the topic too –

List Of Smart Articles & Verified, Trusted Sources For Coronavirus Related Updates/News

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