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TikTok has shot to fame among the youth for all sorts of cringe-worthy dramatic videos that display the acting skills of the common masses and their lack of common sense when it comes to life-threatening stunts. 

Few display their talents in various areas while others only indulge in the mindless challenges that bring about their untimely death. Their motto? Do and be anything for likes!

However, there is one aspect of the otherwise useless app that excites me and that is the pawdorable videos posted by pet parents. Some of the dogs in these videos do interesting tricks while others purely entertain with their boop tests and crazy food taste checks. The other day, a video of a doggo mom counting money appeared with the cutest twist. She was using her dog’s tongue as a damper pad.

Pawfect Stress Buster

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While I endlessly keep scrolling to watch the fluffy balls of joy display their love for hoomans, I get rid of all the worries haunting me through the day and a smile takes place on my face instead. Whoever called it TikTok and not PawPets Videos?

Time and again I am met with horrifying videos of guys with makeup on side of their face whereas the other side remains bare, only to perform a girl-boy duet all on their own which makes me wonder to what level would one go to acquire fans?

Many young people have lost their lives as they were a victim of a life-threatening prank while others are willingly hanging themselves with a rope to complete a challenge ending up with the same fate.

Nonetheless, the creative dog videos cover-up for the blunder the app makes by popping up videos of young adults wasting away their lives thinking it may impress me. Funny and goofy videos lead to no deaths and manage to reduce depression and anxiety. 

Well, I’m not denying that many talented souls found a platform to display their skills but here’s hoping someone launches an app restricted to dogs only, as their stupidest acts also live up to brighten one’s day!

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