Pets are the one good thing remaining in this world currently. With the entire globe being in chaos, our furry friends provide the much needed love and comfort that we so badly need. 

It really does amaze me sometimes, how in tune they can be with our emotions, sitting nearby when we are sad, cheering us up, not allowing us to wallow in despair and get up and do something. 

But at the same time, as adorable as they can be, they are also extremely intelligent, especially in how quickly they are able to adapt to their environment and the humans around them. So in doing this, there are instances where they even manage to outsmart their humans and actually show how smart they can be. 

Here I’ve taken a look at the 8 times when pets have managed to outsmart the almighty and superior human being and shown that they are not some dumb animal that can be taken advantage of:

Who said you need opposable thumbs to open stuff:

This dog knows how to get his food, one way or another:

These corgis are the definition of ‘leave no man dog behind’:

This dog, ‘I’m going to get my food by hook or crook’:

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The cat probably thought to try out her human’s food for once:

Did this pet really do a fist-bump?!

We’ve found the star of the next Mission Impossible film:

This is the best heist video ever:


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