The world is at a halt, on its knees at the mercy of a deadly virus, which only proves how crucial the healthcare sector is in today’s time. Yet, healthcare workers including nurses and biological researchers are the least paid amongst many professions.

Yes! The highest-paid profession is that of an actor or sportsman, but where are they at this grim hour of need? Our beloved nurses and researchers are working their asses off trying to save our lives and giving up their own in the process. 

Ask yourselves! Are the entertainers that you deem God, worthy of the title? None of them have come forward to contribute some amount from their huge pile of money, let alone lay their lives to rescue you. 

Rise In Pay Scale! 

Actors are paid millions for a single movie or advertisement and the same is the scenario with sportsmen. Various sportsmen earn a whopping 2.5 million every month. How do they contribute to society? 

On the other hand, nurses and various medical staff are working 24/7 amid a pandemic, at the meagre amount of 300 rupees a day, in India. Researchers earn only 27k rupees per month. Unfair, isn’t it? Keeping in mind their contributions and effect on our lives, I would gladly like to give millions to them, if only I had. 

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Apart from the monetary aspect, medical staff is facing a shortage of important equipment such as masks and suits to protect themselves from the deadly virus that has claimed numerous lives. Many videos have surfaced showing the conditions they are working in, which is the sad reality of our country.

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Female nurses are taking pills to delay their menstrual cycle which takes a toll on their body and for what? For us! They are wearing adult diapers so that they can work continuously without having to rush into the washroom and waste time. 

Not just nurses and researchers, but teachers too deserve higher pay for their role in the development of the country. Handling young lives and shaping their mind is exhausting and a huge responsibility. The police and soldiers too deserve way more than they are given at this point. 

In India, very few people opt for studies in the research field due to a lack of facilities and scope. The few colleges that do offer courses in biological sciences do not see an adequate crowd. This is why at such times when we need a cure to such a deadly disease, we have to rely on other countries to save our lives. 

Why does the government not treat its medical staff with the same respect as entertainers who are honored with national awards? Was Sridevi worth the honor and every doctor that dies for our safety, not? Why do we, as educated Indian citizens not raise our voice for the safety of our doctors who may be of assistance in the future? 

Today our only hope for survival is based on the work of the medical fraternity and MOST importantly biological researchers/scientists for they will develop the vaccine or cure for such dreaded diseases.

Ask yourself the right questions and raise your voice for the people who stand with you! 

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Source- India Today, The New York Times, Business Today

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