Alien life has always been a fascinating topic for all of us.

The debate around the existence of alien life has been ongoing for centuries. There have been a lot of movies around the same that hint at the presence of aliens or extra-terrestrial life. These sci-fi movies urge us to wonder about the possibility of an alien invasion on Earth or worse, aliens co-existing with us but in a different dimension.

As a space nerd, all of these speculations are interesting to me but with no proper evidence, they’re considered vague and unrealistic. However, a UK based science expert broke the silence over alien existence and said that she believes aliens do exist but in a form that humans can’t see.

Sounds strange, right? 

But she has a point to validate her argument. Let’s decode the same.

Invisible Aliens Co-Existing Amongst Humans?

Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut and a chemist at the prestigious Imperial College, London said in an interview with The Observer, that alien lifeforms maybe be impossible to trace among us”.

Well, life as we define moves, grows, sense, reproduce, excrete, etc, thus every time we imagine an alien, it’s more or less like a humanoid or a horrendous creature that can be easily recognized.

However, Sharman’s speculation has made us all reconsider our idea of visualizing an alien. She says that she has a strong belief about alien existence and “there’s no two way to go about it (sic).”  But we are unaware as we limit our imagination to geocentric or anthropocentric ideas of what alien life may look like. 

We say that we will know aliens exist when we see them. But what if they’re already there and we can’t recognize them due to our limited intelligence?

Aliens May Exist In Forms Invisible To The Human Eye

Life may not only be present as we know it. Considering the vastness of the universe and the limitations of the human brain, it is safe to assume that there is so much in science and space not yet known to mankind.

Considering the same, Helen puts forward her point that alien life exists in a form not comprehensible by the human brain. The biosphere as we know it is validated in the form of DNA, thus we study DNA as the basic thread of life. Science has advanced enough to detect uncultured strains of microbes but is only limited to discovering life as DNA.

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Therefore our microscopes are yet not powerful enough to detect life that we don’t know about. This brings up the vast possibility of alien existence in our biosphere in an ‘unfamiliar form’. 

Helen further says that these aliens might have different biochemistry than us humans which makes them invisible to the naked eye.

Alien Life = Alternative Biochemistry?

According to her research, alien life supposedly has alternative biochemistry unexplored by mankind. A popular suggestion around this alternative biochemistry talks about silicon biochemistry.

Humans are known to carry a carbon biochemistry that supports life. The structure of carbon is similar to that of silicon and even 90% of life supported on earth is made of iron, magnesium, oxygen and silicon.

The chemical composition of life on Earth has an approximate correlation with the chemical composition of the sun, with 98% of atoms in biology consisting of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. So if there were viable silicon lifeforms here, they may have evolved elsewhere but might have invaded Earth- as such we would never know.

What makes the silicon-life biochemistry more appropriate is the research of a Californian scientist. According to Live Science, “few years ago, scientists at Caltech managed to breed a bacterial protein that created bonds with silicon — essentially bringing silicon to life. So even though silicon is inflexible compared with carbon, it could perhaps find ways to assemble into living organisms, potentially including carbon.”

Thus, it can be said that it is very much possible to breed life out of silicon.

Although these are just speculations and nothing similar has been proved yet but I believe in order to discover the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, one really needs to think outside the box and for once break the pattern of scientific conventional thinking.

After all, if you want to know what you don’t know, you got to experiment and think about what you never thought before.

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  1. Who created this structure on the South Pole of the Moon?
    I have sighted this strange structure resembling four blades of a fan or propeller on the South Pole of the Moon from LROC imagery. The four symmetrical fan blade like structures coming out from the centre of the structure give it the shape of a propeller fan. The margins of the blades of this dark structure are so sharp and straight and equally spaced out that it clearly appears to be a man made structure. However, the size of this structure is so large that it cannot be the part or shadow of a lunar orbiter or a satellite. It is intriguing how this shape has been carved on the Lunar surface. If it is indeed a man made structure, could it be some sort of Lunar Base established clandestinely by some country? Could this be a sophisticated military or nuclear installation constructed secretly by some country?

  2. Boghos L. Artinian
    SETI (Search For Extracorporeal Life)

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