Watch: Irresponsible Litterers Are Being Gifted Garbage In This Andhra Town

Our government has several laws in place against littering the roads and polluting the environment. Those laws, however, remain on paper and people continue to do it all, without paying any heed to the surroundings whatsoever.

No matter how many dustbins one puts out there, many people would still not throw the garbage in them.

A similar thing happened in the coastal town of Andhra Pradesh called Kakinada. A woman dumped the waste on the roadside when the sanitation workers were on duty. They return-gifted the waste to her, teaching her an invaluable lesson about sanitation.

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This initiative was later expanded to anyone who was found to litter irresponsibly. The aim is to educate people by giving them the taste of their own medicine.

Knowing that you can get garbage gifted at your doorstep helps with the indiscriminate waste dumping. People become more sensible and aware.

Kakinada Municipal Corporation truly brought the proverb “when things don’t work your way, you have to make them work for you” to life.

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Sources: NDTV, The Logical Indian, Hindustan Times

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