Apart from traditionally praising the epic beauty of this vast universe, how many of you have wondered about the possibility of an intelligent life outside our Solar System?

Those who have suffered existential meltdowns on rebuttal of theories surrounding Aliens can hop on their imaginary spaceships again.

Space is mind-bogglingly big. The insane expanse of the Universe has around 100 Earth-like planets for every grain of sand. This means even if life advanced in 1 percent of Earth-like planets to an intelligent level like us, we would be standing at an estimate of 100,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

But if there are innumerable civilizations in our galaxy, why haven’t they contacted us yet?

Even if we were too spooked to hear from anyone out in the Cosmos, we can’t let go of the creepy bond that has been anchored in our minds ever since the possibility of a friendly relationship with extra-terrestrials was introduced through movies or books.

Italian Physicist Enrio Fermi questioned the existence of aliens on the scientific front.

He asked the same question that has gripped our minds ever since, ”Where are they?”

If humankind is on the cusp of an intellectual space travel within a century after it’s first mission to space, imagine the alien race having no trouble in Colonization?

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Colonization of a galaxy by aliens should seem no trouble with robust technology and imperial wherewithal.

We need considerable proofs to rattle the logical side of their mystical existence. The primary one being the Great Filter. The Great Filter is a series of improbable events that should occur to evolve intelligent life on a planet.

Hanson’s List cites the nine steps on this evolutionary path,

  1. The right star system
  2. Simple(prokaryotic) single-cell life
  3. Complex (eukaryotic) single-cell life
  4. Sexual Reproduction
  5. Multi-cell life
  6. Tool-using animals with big brains
  7. Reproductive Molecules
  8. Colonization Explosion
  9. Where are we now

The Great Filter could be any of the listed steps and we have to decide whether we are way behind or past the Great Filter.

Let’s delve deep into the Great Filter theory and the implications it poses to the survival of mankind.

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