Henlo Frens! Coronavirus doin the scares, heckin big scare!

Don’t worry, guys! I haven’t had a stroke. I am simply using Doggo Lingo to converse, which makes our scary big world and its problems seem bearable, just like our yappy doggos. Don’t you think the Coronavirus caller tune would have been less annoying if it were in Doggo Lingo?

What Is Doggo Lingo?

Doggo Lingo is an Internet language trend which has gained popularity among the pupper lovers in the past few years. If dogs could speak we love to imagine that it would be in a cutesy language pertaining to their happy go lucky behaviour.

Many adorable words had been floating around the Internet which were used by doggo pawrents to talk to their pupperinos before they found place in the Doggo Lingo. Few words like ‘heck’ and ‘doin me a frighten’ have been used by memers frequently.

Here are few words you can adopt in your daily life or while talking to your canine companion –

Attac – attack

Doin a yell – when someone yells

Dangit – Damn it!

Bork – bark

Mlem – when a doggo touches his nose with his tongue

The pupular language consists of mostly onomatopoeia and the use of ‘pup’ and ‘paw’ wherever pawsible. There are various puptastic YouTube channels that have gained popularity and everypawdy (everybody) loves the concept of inserting Doggo lingo in the videos that capture cute reactions of dogs in different situations.

Tucker Budzyn

This YouTube Channel has over 1.75M subscribers and is quite popular for videos of Tucker, a golden retriever that reviews foods. He absolutely hates broccoli and his expressions are priceless.

The highlight of the videos are him referring to chicken as ‘CHIMKEN’ and giving the most adorable bork, hinting at his excitement and lack of pawtience at the sight of his favourite food.

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My Mountain Husky

Two huskies reacting to various YouTube challenges with their adorable lingo like ‘Da Fluff’ which comes off as quite entertaining to their 1.22M followers. It is a treat to the eyes to watch such pawntertaining reactions.


Cute Samoyed girl, who is a white fluffy ball of heaven reacts to the various challenges and food tests that are set up by her pawrent. She has a whopping 1.58M subscribers and her favourite investigation is her boop test. Boop is referred to as nose in Doggo Lingo.

It will always remain a dream to decode what dogs actually think and how they would talk if they could, but for our personal satisfaction Doggo Lingo is doing a pretty good job. It is a stress buster and everything that is sweet and good in this terribly dark world.

There is no strict rule like in other languages, so you can experiment and add your own words to the vocabulary and share it with the world. Go ahead, fellow hooman!

Image Credits- Google Images

Source- DailyMail, The Boston Globe, DNA

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