The comparisons between Narendra Modi and Adolf Hitler have become commonplace nowadays. And that makes BJP an equivalent of the Nazi Party in Germany.

However, it seems that right-wing supporters, or as others would call them—bhakts and the BJP leaders are still somewhat taciturn to accept that.

How does it matter? Well, it did not! Until people like Kangana Ranaut, who fangirls with Narendra Modi and considers herself better than three-time Academy winner Meryl Streep, have nice things to say for actors who condemned fascist regimes. 

What Did Kangana Ranaut Do?

She used her precious Twitter account to share the pictures of an all-time legendary artist, Charlie Chaplin, which is otherwise reserved, for lampooning those who disagree with her or decide to speak against the present government. 

She not only shared pictures of Charlie Chaplin on account of his 132nd birth anniversary but also expressed her admiration and paid homage by calling him the greatest and most dynamic actor/comic/storyteller/director/film producer/editor.

Kangana tweets to pay tribute to the legend

And one does not need to be a movie critic to affirm that. But Kangana Ranaut saying it seems pretty ironic because her idol is literally an embodiment of everything that Charlie Chaplin fought against.

Why Is It Such An Irony?

Charlie Chaplin was one of those great artists who use their creative platforms to impart something, which is much more meaningful and provoking than any ordinary comic or satirical piece. 

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He did not leave out any opportunity to express his dissent and disapproval to one of his contemporaries and the mastermind behind one of the deadliest genocides that humankind has ever witnessed. 

But that’s not it. He was also impressed and moved by the communist ideologues that he encountered in the Spanish Civil War or the massive resistance put by USSR during the Nazi invasion. 

Although there is no hard proof to confirm that he was a communist, his films clearly express his feelings towards fascism and majoritarianism. 

One of the movies that stand out in this context is The Great Dictator which not only unabashedly satirizes Hitler but also ends with a genuine appeal against war and fascism by the maker itself. 

The Great Dictator

Therefore, it seems a bit of a paradox for a woman to praise an alleged communist sympathizer who herself throws around the ideology like a rebuke. It may seem like two distinct events and an actor simply remembering an old legend. But it is not as simple as that.

Idolizing BJP and its doctrines is not anything very different from worshipping the erstwhile tenets of Nazism.

Many of the BJP supporters would deny it publicly given the worldwide condemnation received by Hitler and his political party, but their work ethics and party propaganda work on similar lines of communalism, polarization, and jingoism. 

For a person like Kangana Ranaut, who sees everything as either black or white, it is inherently impossible to appreciate someone just based on their contribution to a particular field.

Therefore, it is really surprising that she had something nice to say about a fellow artist who followed a completely different set of humanitarian creed.

Either she is too naive to accept that Charlie Chaplin would not have hesitated to criticize the present government if he were alive today, or for once, she wants to put up something pleasant and positive on her feed without engaging in unnecessary toxicity and vulgarity. 

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