The country stands divided on the stance of criminalization of marital rape in India. In our country, the bond of marriage is considered sacred and the idea of criminalizing any aspect of this institution of marriage does not go down with many people. A crime as heinous as marital rape is, unfortunately, not defined in any Indian law.

This means that a woman can be raped by her husband in the confines of their home, which is ironically supposed to be the safest space for a person. To make matters worse, she has no legal protection as the constitution doesn’t consider sex against consent between a man and his wife a crime.

But, women activists and NGOs working towards women empowerment are demanding a change. But, many Indian men are not okay with their demand as they feel that it would make them vulnerable to false accusations by their wives.

They have taken to social media to voice their dissent and are practically threatening to not get married if a law criminalizing marital rape is passed. The hashtag #MarriageStrike has been top trending on Twitter since the afternoon.

Indian Men Protest Against Criminalization Of Marital Rape

marital rape marital rape

People are using #MarriageStrike as a means to release their frustration towards feminism.

marital rape

marital rape

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There are many more tweets by people and the trending ones are right here:

marital rape

marital rape

People are also protesting against alimony that wives demand after divorce and how it deprives men of their hard-earned life income.

Counter Arguments

marital rape

marital rape

Rape is not a joke, not even if it’s happening within the bounds of marriage. The criminalization of marital rape could be a welcome step and empower women who suffer because of the lack of any legal cover.

Simultaneously, it is also true that it could be weaponized against men. Dealing with such controversial cases is truly a challenge and the public finds itself divided. What do you think about it? Is #MarriageStrike an appropriate way to protest against it? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. A fair article, i applaud you for your stand in this article, its true rape in marriage is very bad and should not happen there are some bad men who do it.
    And there are bad women as well who will file false rape case on their husband is they have an argument or just for their ego and to make them suffer.

    So balance is needed.
    Make rape definition gender neutral like the rest of the world and then bring in marital rape and make sure that is also gender neutral and that should be based on concent of the spouce.
    People say why dont husbands recognise concent from wife, are husbands any less human even husbands concent should matter just as much.

    We cannot give too much power to any gender, if we give too much power to men then men will oppress women, if we give too much power to women then they will oppress men and as time goes by every man will become against women and will fight back and once they gain power, guess what they will do, they will oppress women, so when will this vicious cycle end.
    It will only end when we make gender neutral laws and we should not provide one gender with too much power to dominate the other.

    #marriagestrike will continue until these issues are addressed.


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