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It’s easy to fail.

There, I said it. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and feel helpless. The challenges are many and avenues for success few.

It’s even easier to stop. Just walk away right now. Tell Convince yourself it was too hard, to begin with. That you were way out of your depth. That it would have never worked because you couldn’t have done it.  Better yet, blame it on something, chalk it up to destiny, and curse a higher power for making you so unlucky.

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There is this little thing in the back of your head. You don’t realize its presence but it’s always there. Hiding away and revealing itself just enough to stay in the backdrop. It pops up just when you hit a wall and whispers: why bother?

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Now here’s the thing: this little demonic concoction will always be there. It is supposed to. It’s the product of thousands of years of evolution. It is how your brain stays grounded, away from danger. Physical or otherwise.

Because your brain hates stress. It hates failure even more. So it likes to imagine all the scenarios where you do it – you succeed and then it stops. It’s easy. Your brain invented this whisperer, this voice to help out. This Gollum like thing doesn’t care about really getting the thing – why bother? You already feel the “high” from thinking it. Why chase something that could deliver disappointment and hardship? Just think about it, feel better, and move on.

Yeah f*ck you voice

Say that out loud right now. This voice is in there, right this second, telling you that is just another BS “tip to succeed”. It’s telling you that it’s pointless and nothing can “make you better” instantly.

Yeah, screw that voice.

Think about this: you like to browse the internet. Your time on the interwebs is valuable to you. There’s so much to like about it and you almost get lost in it. But there’s this small thing that’s so annoying.

Just when you were getting into it, a tiny pop-up window jumps at you. A monstrosity that breaks this magical-trance-like state. It’s just so annoying. And useless. And pointless. You absolutely loath it.

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So what do you do? You feel enraged and click on that “X” in the corner to make it go away. And instantly, you are back at it. Reading, memeing, Facebook-ing away. That’s it.  Yeah, your flow was broken but you don’t stop. You don’t think about that pop-up. You just move on.

That little voice is this pop-up. This annoying little thing only appears when you get into your groove. It takes your attention away and makes you lose your focus. It makes you doubt yourself, making up stories and whatnot.

Here’s what you will do from today: Every time you come across such a thought, click that “X”.  Imagine this thought/voice/whatever the f*ck being nothing but an annoying little pop-up. Make it disappear.

That’s how you remain focused. The pop-up’s job is to break your flow. Don’t let it. That self-doubt, loss of confidence, helplessness, self-pity are nothing more than just being annoying pop-ups.

Close them out and move on because you have sh*t to do. Don’t waste your time understanding why the pop-up is there. Just click on the “X” and move on.

Tell me what your annoying pop-up of the day was and how quickly you hit that “X”.

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Congratulations, you are on your way to success. However you define it as.

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