Watch: Can Caffeine Overdose Kill You? Don’t Stride Upon The Cusp Of Caffeine Intoxication

Insisting on caffeine because crack is bad for you? Apparently, not a swell idea.

Caffeine is the quintessential constituent of a productive civilization. Coffee seeds were carried by colonists, traders, missionaries, and travelers to unskilled lands for plantation.

Eventually, coffee shops reinstated coffee plantations and coffee makers formed an integral part of the appliances bought in every modern home.

Today, about 90% of adults consume caffeine in some way either in the form of energy drinks, pills, cold medicines to stay awake and alert.

People count on caffeine because drinking in moderate amounts can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes. But doses in massive quantities can affect your nervous system, sometimes leading to death. 

I just can’t get started unless I have had that piping hot cup of coffee invigorating my soporific senses.

Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second.

– Edward Abbey

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But drinking coffee in larger doses only to maintain a consistent streak either during work hours or protracted binge-watch can be harmful.

Insisting on caffeine because crack is bad for you? Apparently, not a swell idea.

Check out the following video blog to decide whether you are going to stay alert on caffeine intake next time or just let that thought pass by.

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Sources: Healthline, USA Today

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