In May of 2018, a 58-year old NRI was arrested at the Delhi airport.

An Indian woman stated that he had been masturbating while sitting beside her during the flight from Istanbul.

The NRI was holding a Russian passport. He was arrested under Section 509 of the IPC, that is, any “word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman”.

It is now more than common news to hear of men masturbating in public. You will find it in college fests, railway berths, and even your restaurants! Mind you, the restaurant incident did take place in the McDonald’s, Kamla Nagar.

A highly packed restaurant and a man who could creep the eyes out of you moved from corner to corner, masturbating, using his helmet as cover!

Since when did masturbation turn from an act of private pleasure to one of violence?

What does psychology say?

Public display of genitals or masturbation is in co-relation with what psychologists call “exhibitionist disorder”.

Psychologists formulate that this act is a vengeful act. Jilted lovers seeking revenge seem to find pleasure forcefully masturbating in front of them. The look of fear and humiliation on the women’s face appeals to them.


Why men do it?

Men do not do it because they want the woman/women, it’s because they hate them and this is a really regressive thought to have. Much of this behaviour also finds its roots in past abuse, whether emotional or physical.

The motive here is to terrorise and make women feel powerless. Thus the idea of sadism fuels it, says sex therapist Alexandra Katehakis in The Cut. So the best thing that is likely to make him stop is to stand up to him and needless to say, escape the situation at the earliest.

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Is there more to what men think?

Another factor that compels men to masturbate in public is the factor of doing something mischievous and getting away with it. Although it is ten notches above from being just “mischievous”, but that seems to be the vague idea behind it. Men find it thrilling to successfully complete the task without anybody knowing.

A site titled “My Masturbation” holds hundreds of contributors who have confessed of doing the same.

I love to bring myself to a climax in as public a place as possible, especially on a bus, train, or in an aircraft… I always have a large newspaper that I open and pretend to read,” writes one such confessor.

He describes it as a ‘turn on’ that there are women around who are completely unaware of what he’s doing.

The urge is also connected to the desire for control and power. It is in tandem with sexual violence and in most cases, men are aware of what they are doing. Yet they revel in the idea of getting away with it.

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Sources: Men’s Health, Huffingpost, News India + more

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  1. This article makes no sense. Tons of men masturbate in men’s bathrooms , nudist beaches, woods etc where there are no women and where it is not even that mischievous …and even gay men masturbate in public , in cruising areas etc

  2. I love masturbating in the open, but I don’t want anyone to see. I am an auto mechanic and I will pull my dick out and jerk off right in the open of my bay, with customers just around the corner. This morning I went out on my front porch with nothing on but a t shirt, and jerked off and came with cars driving by and people walking down the sidewalk, it’s such a turn in for me. But I also don’t want anyone to see me doing it either.

    • I agree with you completely, Tommy. At your work bay when your penis is driving you crazy it’s really leaving you no choice. I’ve done it many times in the car when things get to be too much. I’ll pull into a parking lot with reasonable privacy, get my pants/underwear down and do it right there, shooting my load into a paper towel so there’s no mess. I’ve also jerked off at night into some bushes by the curb with cars whizzing by, having a full body orgasm right there. The above article about trying to hurt or shock women may be true in some cases, and I think that’s terrible. What you and I describe is far more typical for men with high sex drives that need frequent releases with no negative agenda towards women whatsoever.


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