The most common phenomenon in current times when talking of familial relations in India is that of children moving out of their parents’ homes to study and work. Call it western influence, yet it is inevitable given the major disjuncture between the metropolis and the other smaller cities and towns in terms of opportunities as well as modern amenities.

When I moved out for the first time, for some strange reason, my mother instantly began addressing me as “tum” instead of her regular “tu”.

Yes, it sounds lame but it certainly marked the onset of a more trusted bond between us.

Having said that, let us give a moment of thought on how it impacts family as a whole:

Your parents discover their respect for you

Are you one of those who have spent their entire childhood trembling under the strict upbringing of your parents? Well, maybe you should try moving out of home for once!

Your mother, who would yell at every tiny mistake you made, would suddenly begin to realize that you are not worth nothing.

Believe it or not, you were being yelled at because she thought you are such a kid that needs a good bashing every second time. But now that you are out there facing the world by yourself, she has realized that you have finally grown up.

If you have always felt distrusted by your parents, they now begin to show the trust and respect you have always yearned for.

Your father stops questioning where every penny has gone

As a teenager, perhaps you had to coax your father to spare you some money for the shortest data pack or the rarest outing with your friends. Because he believed that your internet surfing or your outings are anything but innocent.

But wait till you move out.

Daddy dear will sponsor all your net packs and dine outs without being the least hesitant. He now gets that these are indeed small necessities. He will stop being skeptical about such things that had irked the innocent you previously!

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Your parents take extra interest in your social life- but in a good way!

Now that you are away, your folks will realize the importance of having a family away from family. They will, therefore, insist that you socialize more often, share your stuff with your roommates and hostel mates just to make sure you do have friends in need.

As you receive this encouragement, you will share more about your life with your parents than you ever had before. It is a great feeling to have some serious fun and then not having to hide it.

They accept your abysmal routine

Hostel life makes your daily routine go upside down. Going to sleep at 5 am. Familiar much? You’d think your mother would go crazy if you did that!

But this is far from true. They accept your routine and also refrain from waking you up early because they know you went to bed really late!

This may seem like a trivial gesture but coming from my mom, who wakes up at 4 am, was indeed huge! It was a mark of how much trust I had gained.

Even if moving out is hard, it is also essential to make it work the best way possible. Isn’t it even better to have a more mature and trusting relationship with your family? 

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