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There are a myriad of things that we do while sleeping. Some hit their little siblings sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed. Some put on their slippers and sleepwalk through the entire neighborhood. Hell, some even cook food while their sleeping! But what if you start having random sex with strangers while you are asleep? This is what psychologists call Sexsomnia.


Sexsomnia, as a phenomenon, is quite unheard of but not that much. It is a legit documented sleeping disorder which has been recently doing the rounds in the medical and psychological fraternity.

Even the popular television series House M.D. has shown an episode where a woman walks to House’s clinic showing symptoms of pregnancy but she claimed of being sexually inactive since she separated from her husband.

Yet every day she showed House various marks and hickeys all over the body which were indeed signs of having fierce sex at nights. She also claimed to wake up rather exhausted every morning. Later House diagnosed her with sexsomnia. For all those who want to watch this episode: here you go!

 What is Sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia comes under the umbrella of various sleeping disorders or parasomnias like sleepwalking except here, the person affected engages in actual sexual activity while in deep sleep.

The degree of sexual activity ranges from masturbation to minor fondling, groping, making sex noises to actual penis penetration!


In my previous article on sleep paralysis, I have explained the phenomenon which causes a person to do various things in their sleep.

It simply results due to a poor transition between different stages of sleep.

While we are sleeping our muscles are ordered to stay still. But when the brain finds it difficult to make the smooth transition between deep sleep and wakefulness, the muscles move and the person starts acting what they see in their dreams.

This rightfully explains why a sexsomniac has no idea what he or she has been doing the whole night until somebody shows proper evidence of their night happenings.

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What Happens When A Person Develops Sexsomnia?

Well apart from stating the obvious that the person in question starts having sex while sleeping with whoever happens to be in the vicinity be it their partners, some people stop at masturbation only.

Women are said to only masturbate when suffering from sexsomnia but sometimes they are the ones to initiate wild sex with their partners or even random strangers while in deep sleep.

There has actually been a case where the patient sleepwalked at nights, when her husband was fast asleep, to end up having sex with complete strangers on roads! However, it was only till the time her husband figured out what the heck was happening.

Sexsomnia can be triggered in the patient by a simple physical touch with the bed partner and end up in full-fledged sex even if the partner tries to resist their advances.


That is why there have been times when the men accused of rape have been legally acquitted because they are sexsomniacs! How crazy is that? Although it is true that the accused is not at fault here. He just can’t help it.

What Causes Sexsomnia?

Sexsomnia can be caused by mere erratic sleeping patterns, sleep deprivation, huge amounts of stress and even alcohol consumption (we all have heard of drunken sex stories, haven’t we now?)

 But people who have had a history of various sleeping disorders like sleep-talking, sleepwalking etc are more susceptible to generating sexsomnia.

Why Is It Important To Treat Sexsomnia?

Because you ought to.

Having sex in the sleep while you yourself are unconscious is not only a matter of concern for you but also for the person who sleeps on the bed beside you (in other cases, random strangers of course.)

It is not only a violation of the basic human rights of your partner or husband/wife but also takes a mental as well as a physical toll on them.

There have been instances where years of marriages ended up in divorce because of this parasomnia which urges it to be globally recognized as a legit sleeping disorder anybody can fall prey to.

Because having awareness about something helps you to take note of it, accept it and treat it.  

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