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With the recent case of Amity Law School of Delhi again raking up negative comments from students and parents about the stringent attendance levels, one has to wonder when did education correlated to being just present in the class.

These days, students are doing a multitude of different things and many take their time away from class, however, many have still not let that affect their overall grades.

They still study as much and get passable marks, some even coming in the top category. Then do colleges still insist so much on students being present in class and giving attendance than really bothering about whether what is being taught is actually reaching the student or not.

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However, much to the joy of college students, there still might be ways that you can skip out on attending classes and still get attendance:

1. Get An Internship:

An internship is a sure-fire way to get out of attending college, earn some much-needed work experience, and have to not care about your attendance percentage in the least.

You can even ask your employer to sign a letter or notice of some sort that you can submit to your college authorities that will excuse you from attending classes.

2. Volunteer For College Events:

Not only will you be able to skip classes on those days, but if you manage to get into the organizing team, then you will also have an excuse to not attend classes due to event preparations.

Even still, volunteering for college events, boring as they maybe give you a legitimate excuse, along with also giving you time to make some good connections that can help you later on.

indian universities

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3. Having The Right Connections:

It might seem like big talk and something more appropriate for a drama serial, but college is all about connections and nothing can be more helpful than getting attendance in case you fall short.

Knowing the right teachers, or people in a position of authority like society heads, administration people and more can get you attendance even if you have not attended the required amount of classes.

Be sure to focus on department head, college administration people and society heads who can actually get you out of a tough spot. Society heads can even put your name for OD (on duty) even when you were absent for an event.

4. Proxy:

Of course, there are some tried and tested ways to get attendance without having to spend all your time in college or buttering other people and that is by proxy.

Make a good friend or two in your class and get them to put in your name for attendance when the teacher calls out for roll call.

Of course, one thing that my friends used to do would be, since their teachers would take roll call in the beginning of the class, they would sit in during that part, get their attendance and then leave from the back door of the class.

5. Join a Society:

Remember what I said about society heads, well a good way to get into their good grace is by joining societies.

A good thing to keep in mind would be to join societies are quite active in doing outside college projects and participate in a lot of competitions. Dance societies, MUN society, theatre especially the Nukad Natak one and of course the ever reliable NCC are bound to get you out of boring classes and even allow you to travel to different states.

6. Beg for Attendance, Add A Spice Of Drama:

Of course, if none of the above work, then it would do you good to just simply and straight out beg for attendance. Add a bit of drama if you want, of perhaps an ill of health relative, or you could give not really authentic medical certificates that explain your absence.

Obviously, these are not the most reliable and can backfire on you really bad, and if they do then you might just be in a lot of trouble for just your meager ‘attendance’.

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