Watch: This Roller Coaster Of Death Is Designed To Control Overpopulation In The Future By Offering One Last Thrill

You can only take this ride once in your life

The euthanasia coaster is a ‘hypothetical death machine’ created by Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas.

This deathly roller coaster has been created to end its passenger’s life on a high note with euphoria and pleasure. 

This creation surely incites a lot of curiosity and amazement. The machine has been made for a human being to experience a fun and euphoric state, only to succumb to a lack of oxygen and die.

The idea behind this work of art is itself paradoxical, as death is generally perceived as tragic and sad.

Urbonas’ design has attracted a lot of media attention and scientific criticisms for its applicability.

Watch the video to learn more about this roller coaster of death.

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Urbonas, the mind behind this killing machine, insists the project is more of an artistic expression because he has been in roller coaster development since an early age. For him, it’s peoples’ reactions to the rollercoaster that he encounters that are more interesting.

He also insisted that he is not advocating assisted suicide but only countering ‘boring’ methods of euthanasia used in countries where the practice is legal.

The designer also suggested that in the theoretical future, the problem of overpopulation can be solved by providing a sweet ending to those people who have lived too long or wish to end their lives.

The design is an artistic expression that aims to show the future of humans and technology.

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Sources: Dailymail, Discover magazine, The science explorer

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