Have you ever felt paused in a moment? Or as if you’ve lived the very moment before? 

When I was younger, I was told that it’s because I have lived that very moment “in my previous life.”

The ancestral theory of several lives leading to such a feeling didn’t satisfy my curiosity and I decided to rely on my only source of answers – science. 

On reading many research papers at length, I became aware of the fact that such a situation is known as Déjà vu. 

What Is Déjà vu?

The French word translates into “already seen”

The Cambridge dictionary defined this phenomenon as, “the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now.”

Though scientists have come up with a long list of possibilities of such a happening, they haven’t been able to blame just the right cause of déjà vu. 

The following are the top three possibilities.

A Glitch In The Brain

Throughout evolution, brain power distribution among cortexes of the brain has varied hugely from person to person. 

Sometimes it so happens that the side of the brain ‘in-control’ receives a certain message and receives the same message a little later from the comparatively weaker side of the brain.

This glitch can also refer to a delayed combination of the various senses – auditory, visual, olfactory and tactical. 

This leads to a delayed interpretation of the scene in front of you, which might ultimately lead you to believe that you have experienced the moment before. 

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Even though you don’t realize this, there are certain actions you carry out on a daily basis that involve similar work functions from your end. 

For example, if you ever step into a hockey pitch and play a game, your mind may, due to its evolutionary instinct, relate it to past experiences. In a specific scenario, one could assume that the subconscious mind would relate to a sweeping motion, similar to cleaning the house, while enacting movements integral to the game. 

Sounds uncanny, but the brain works in crooked ways.

Subconscious Relation

Everyone dreams. It is a universal truth that the subconscious mind controls us while we sleep, pushing us to imagine the things that are running “at the back of our minds”.

There may be a possibility that you might have dreamed of a certain scenario that you might not even recall, for it is embedded deep down in your subconscious mind. It brings it up again and relates it to the scenario in front of you. 

Such an occurrence sounds vague and unjustified but it surely is possible. 

So which possibility do you think is the reason behind the occurrence of déjà vu? Let us know in the comments below.

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