Watch: Here’s What Indian Scientists Have Contributed To The World And Yet Never Gotten A Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is the highest degree of appreciation awarded to an individual to honor the excellency of his/her work in a particular field.

The concept of a Nobel Prize started back in the year 1905, by Swedish and Norwegian institutions to recognize outstanding contributions towards humanity in the field of Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics and Physiology or Medicine.

Since then, the Nobel Prize has been awarded 590 times to over 935 people and organizations.

However, despite the extraordinary contribution made by Indian scientists to the world, we only have one Indian scientist bestowed with such an honor.

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We all know that C. V Raman is the only Indian scientist to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. What we don’t know, however, is that India’s contribution to the world in terms of scientific discoveries is unmatched.

Although we got only one Laureate on paper, the remarkable work done by some of the other Indian scientists in their field is enough to get them the recognition they deserve.

With this being said, here’s a video to walk you through a list of some of the most remarkable scientists of their time whose contribution to the world remains unparalleled to this date and yet, they never received a Nobel Prize for their hard work.

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