Nadia Murad, along with gynaecologist Denis Mukwege is going to be the next Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

She will be the recipient of this prestigious award owing to her contribution in spreading awareness to bring an end to use of sexual violence as a weapon in armed conflicts and wars.

Sexual violence can probably be the worst crime that can happen against anyone, it shatters one from inside after which it becomes difficult to recover.

Nadia Murad is an example for all of us, she must have been shattered after what was done to her but she did not step back, rather, she took a step ahead to make sure that no one else gets to go through the same situation as she did.

Nadia Murad is the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize for 2018
Nadia Murad is an inspiration for all of us to fight our fears and move ahead

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Yazidi girls had to go through a lot of violence, be it emotional, physical or sexual
Nadia Murad was raped several times before she was smuggled
Nadia is one of those brave girls who did not care about their misery and took initiate for propagating peace
Nadia brought the atrocities inflicted on Yazidi people to public domain
She is the flag-bearer of peace in today’s times and thus, her efforts are recognized by the UN
It takes a lot of courage to come up with stories of sexual harassment and to hold the baton to save many lives from this misery

Nadia Murad is epitome of brave women and is an example for all of us to overcome our fears and do what is needed for the world, for the sake of peace. Her efforts are recognised by United Nations and now, after becoming a Nobel Laureate, her name would be written with golden ink in world history.

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: The Guardian, BBC, Gulf News

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