When first asked, “Are you dating Nick Jonas?” on the Jimmy Kimmel show Priyanka denied being in a relationship with the American Singer.

But well, here we are, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are about to get married very soon. Nick humorously explains that “the story wrote itself”.

They’re the hottest celebrity couple being spoken about in the Hollywood as well as the Bollywood.

So here are some unknown facts about the couple and their relationship.

The Success Couple:

Priyanka first won Miss India at age 17 and went ahead to be Miss World just a few months later at age 18. Not even 2 months after that, she was offered several movie roles.

Nick, the American singer-songwriter released his debut single at age 10, and an eponymous debut album at age 12.

This celebrity couple combines to a net worth of over Rs. 240 crores. How cool is that?! Feels like the couple is the perfect recipe of success.

Jab We Met:

Priyanka and Nick first met on the sets of her first Hollywood television series – Quantico, through a common friend, Graham Rogers who has co-starred both PC and Nick. Soon, both of them were texting and became good friends.

They were first spotted together at the Met Gala 2017, and as per Priyanka, that was only because they were wearing clothes by the same designer.

Priyanka and Nick at the Met Gala 2017

Obviously, everyone thought they were being coy, and suddenly we saw pictures of Nick and Priyanka’s roka ceremony flooding social media. Jimmy Kimmel had guessed it right!

Secret Engagement?

The roka ceremony for the celebrity couple was held on 18th August 2018, but reportedly, they secretly got engaged on the actress’ birthday a month before that. Roka just made things official for everyone.

A month after the roka, at the 50th-anniversary show of Ralph Lauren, Priyanka flaunted a beautiful diamond engagement ring, which again is reportedly from July, not August. The ring is a 5-carat diamond ring worth 2 crores.

Priyanka flaunting her 5 carat diamond ring.

They Have Their Own Logo!

I’ve not seen many celebrity couples getting their own logo made. In an interview, Nick told the media how he received a DM on Instagram with a logo design by a fan for both of them.

NP – Nick and Priyanka’s own logo!

He loved it right away and got it officially made out of stainless steel for the engagement. The logo can be seen clearly in every picture taken at the time of the roka ceremony in the garden.

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Nick Loves Dating Older Women

Nick mentions that older women “know what they want” and the oldest woman he has dated would be around 35 years old. Breaking the barriers, Priyanka is 36 and Nick is about to get married to her.

Age is not a barrier in love or marriage according to the American singer and he believes in compatibility rather than the notion of love. “It just clicked, we just knew it somehow”, Nick told Jimmy when asked how they got together. They look pretty comfortable with each other.

The Love For Indian Traditions:

Nick Jonas has repeatedly told the media that the roka ceremony was full of love and he was amazed by the warmth that the whole family coming together brought.

Priyanka and Nick’s roka ceremony in August

He said he enjoyed the rituals much more than the parties he has ever been to, and would like to continue learning more about them. The love for Indian culture is pretty clear, and hence, the biggest news – the marriage in India.

Desi Wedding:

“I love India, I love the COLORS and the culture.”

Nick loves Indian traditions and cultures, exactly why he straightforwardly told Priyanka nothing would be better than getting married in India.

The couple wants to get married in India!

The bridal shower for Priyanka, reportedly, might be in New York, and the couple has decided to get married in the Umaid Bhavan, Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan which without a doubt is full of Indian cultural colours.

Like all celebrities, Priyanka and Nick ought to have a celebrity couple nickname. Pee Cee came up with the name PRICK which Jonas comically denies liking.

The couple seems to have become an example for many others, in terms of not bothering about the age barrier, being open-minded in accepting each other’s cultures and being compatible.

Image Sources: Google Images, Twitter

Sources: India TV, Cosmopolitan, Pink Villa + more

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