Watch: Why Are People In Sweden Happier Than We Are

Sweden (and other Scandinavian countries) are the happiest countries in the world. India, on the contrary, ranks 139 out of 149. So, the difference is huge! But, what factors are leading to their happiness?

This video here takes a look at some reasons.

Lagom – The Art Of Moderation

The reason for their happiness comes down to this simple philosophy of life. Lagom means balance or adequate or just right. It means living in the middle of the spectrum rather than the extreme ends.

Most of us want to get to the extreme end – the one where we are the richest, healthiest, and happiest. We work very hard all our lives first trying to get there, and then to maintain living there.

Swedes, on the other hand, don’t chase unrealistic standards. Overworking is discouraged. People actually find time to enjoy themselves with their families and friends. They don’t have to wait for the weekend to go to a park.

The country is defined by its middle class. There is greater social equality. People don’t like to show off or boast about their riches. So, when everyone is almost equal, you don’t feel like a part of a race.

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Work Benefits

It is almost impossible to get fired in Sweden. Even then, there is a trade union to support you. Your employer only fires you if they have a very strong reason to do so. When there is greater job security, people automatically feel more relaxed and work with a pleasant mind.

If you work in Sweden, you get 25 mandatory paid vacation days. It is very common for people to take time off once every couple of months for rejuvenation. In fact, when a couple welcomes a child, they get around 15 months of paid leave split between the couple.

Good Social Initiatives

School tuition is free. Every child has to enroll in school by the age of 6 by law. Everyone gets a quality education. Healthcare, although not completely free, is easily affordable.

These social initiatives are funded by tax money. The tax rates are Sweden are much higher compared to India. In fact, the more you earn, the more you are taxed which avoids people from overworking. The result – healthier work-life balance.

All these factors combined with clean surroundings, negligible pollution, and a community-oriented attitude lead to Sweden being ranked as the happiest, despite being so cold.

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