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Time and again, we have heard our elders raise storms of devastating levels on the basic pretext of cinema not being art but a medium of brainless entertainment. However, as we grow older, we realize that cinema is much more than just an entertainment medium. It is an art form that seeks to teach as it entertains, unlike any other media, apart from video games. 

Thus, I would illustrate the various facets of life where cinema has taught me more about my life than any book ever could.


It is through loneliness that we understand what companionship and camaraderie truly mean

Sociologists have phrased and rephrased the phrase, “Man is a social being,” to death. Ironically, it is through the loneliness presented in the movie ‘Her’ that I actually understood what it actually means.

After hours upon hours of tear-soaked tissues and sleepless nights, the need to speak and the need to be heard made much more sense. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched it but I probably won’t watch it ever again. 

Discovering Oneself

The two faces of uncertainty that ironically become the face of surety

One can learn about the entirety of the world and still stay dumb if they are unaware of what they stand for as an individual. I learnt it from multiple viewings of two movies that do not shy away from having a mirror stare back at you.

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The movies in question, Rang De Basanti and Tamasha. The former taught me about learning about what you really want and then exploiting that want to give back to your society.

On the other hand, the latter taught me about breaking away from the shackles of what your society expects from you and letting loose. Time for another watch, I guess.

The World Is Your Oyster

The mystery and the thrill of exploration and travelling is exactly what motivates me to live another day

It is not much of a lesson in life that I have learnt from movies but rather just the travel bug inside of me that keeps bugging me time and again as it stares at the many gorgeous sceneries. 

The point of the entire article is basically a push for each one of you reading this to go and watch whatever movie you wish to but do watch them. You never know the number of lessons you will walk away with.

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