Awardsarc is an online award platform that tries to motivate all young, old and talented people that are working best in their field. Many of them are beginners but the way they nourish themselves is what we appreciate. Recognising their talents and appreciating them is something gives them a boost to excel more.

Awardsarc doesn’t choose on random basis, but it goes through various selection processes including the interview sessions.

Many people across the country nominate themselves for the title, but just some individuals are selected for the title who are deserving.

As the tagline of AwardsArc suggests “Awards you always want to cherish”, one or the other person is unique in their own and has some extraordinary skills.

This prestigious award  which was set for Awardees was, “Golden Arc Awards”.

It was designed for the ones who are dedicated, who does works hard to reach his or her goal, the who wants to grow in their respective field.

Categories were many but only 50 Awardees were selected out of 185+ enteries according to their profile.

Some categories were, Writing, Dancer, Researcher, Sportsperson, Women Empowerment, Enterpreneur, Singer, etc.

Talents were recognized and awarded with a Title, Trophy, and Certificate alongside beautiful surprises and Press Releases.

Our outshining 50 Awardees with their respective category of recognition are:

Anuradha Vishwanathan- Multiple Talents

Ananya Singh- Writer

Roneeca Brajasundar Sahu- Singer

Shiny Benjamin- Writer

Tenzen Sambial- Teacher

Susharitha S- Fine Arts

Aniket Singh- Artist

Manikya Singhi- Author

Sumantra Choudhury- Nutritionist

Sakshi Agrawal- Writer

Shraddha Karuna Sagar- Writer

Sanjana R. Huddar- Writer

Dr. Dimple Boro- Writer

Gnana Moorthy Eswaran U- Social Worker

Babita Sagar- Author

SaiHari Vignesh N- Writer

Reeswali Naik- Writer

Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani- Sports Achiever

Ansh Atul Mishra- Social Worker

Surekha R. Wankhede- Writer

Prativa Mahanta- Author

Yogesh Kumar Jain- Artist

Ekta Mishra- Author

A S Sethupathi- Author

Ishika Saxena- Writer

Smriti Raghuvanshi- Researcher

Yashas Ramesh- Author

Sarah- Writer

Khushi Panjwani- Entrepreneur

Bijal Jagad- Writer

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee- Author

Fatima Amin- Author

Dr. Anujj Elvis- Occult Sciences

Astha Khodaria- Writer

Vineet K. Silaniya – Author

Samarpita Sen- Content Creator

Dr. Angela Khanna – Doctor

Madhurima Guruju- Writer

Sarbojit Chowdhury- Author

Pratik Premraj Bhala- Author

Richa Agarwal- Author

Darshan Desale- Author

Imad Uddin- Researcher

Ashwini Solanki- Author

Harshit Tulsiyan- Writer

Richamoni Bora- Writer

Saksham Chaudhary- BusinessMan

Ishani Agarwal- Author

Raghav Rajsoni- Artist of Gold Work on Glass

Somay Virmani- Public Speaker

We congratulate each one of them for their future endeavours and wish them luck.

Moreover, the individual feature magazine, SUCCESS KNOCKERS of this edition, would be out soon.

To get in touch with our further awards, do connect us at  or or @awardsarc


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