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Unusual but interesting

Amidst the craze of cricket and football, many sports go unnoticed. Well, some sports are pretty dull and as a result, do not receive the acclamation they could have if they lit a spark within people. Fair enough!

However, were you aware of these adventurous and humorous sports which are not so popular?


Muggle Quidditch tops the list. It has been every Potterhead’s fantasy to fly on broomsticks and throw a ball through the hoops after watching Harry Potter. Good news guys!

Not so magical, but quite similar. In our world, people are supposed to hold the broomstick between their legs, and the hand used to hold it acts as a handicap. This means you can only use the free hand to throw the balls.

Underwater Hockey

Just as the name suggests, you are immersed underwater, preferably a swimming pool. Similar to hockey, a stick is used to direct the puck towards the opponent’s goal.

Won’t it be interesting to watch people struggle underwater trying to win?

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Extreme Ironing

This is the most adventurous sport on the list. Here the participants try to iron their clothes at the most dangerous spots. It is life endangering but a huge trend among the ones who follow it. Some records are pretty scary but the adrenaline rush is an all-time high while watching it.


Pretty funny to watch as male contestants hold their wives or their neighbor’s wives on their back upside-down and complete a racetrack. The racetrack is 235 meters and even consists of a water obstacle which is a meter deep.

Every time you are bored watching the same kind of leagues, try out these exciting sports.

Image Credits– Google Images

Sources- Youth Incorporated, The Guardian, Jakarta globe

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