Sport has always held mankind in thrall. It moves us. It excites us. It unites us. Be it the basketball team you support or the football player you bust your lungs out to cheer for, there’s something about sports that arouse emotions, both on the pitch and off of it. 

Blood, sweat, tears and a rush of adrenaline.

The thrill of the moment.

Glory, that elusive pleasure, just a few moments away from being elusive no longer.

These are words invoked in honour of the most beautiful means of entertainment available to mankind: the absolute joy of watching fellow men battle it out for supremacy in athletic feats that demand focus and ability of extraordinary measure. 

That is what we dream of, isn’t it? To surpass our boundaries. Again, and again and again until we forget we ever had them in the first place. To cherish the extent of human capabilities and glorify its achievements. Bobby Charlton wasn’t just throwing words around when he called Old Trafford the “Theatre of Dreams”.

We live and breathe for excitement and the celebration of our boundless potential. We are both spectators and players in this wonderful quest for surpassing our limits. All we need is a chance to push ourselves, and, should the moment arise, prove our worth. 

Organized by students of the IPM programme offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Ranbhoomi, the largest sports fest, is the ideal arena to show Central India what you’re truly made of. 

 Is it your mental prowess you wish to exhibit on a chequered board? 

 Or why they call you a wizard with your feet? 

 Or is it the rumours about how you are unbeatable in arm wrestling you want to confirm?

This grand stage gives you the opportunities to showcase these feats and more, with over 22 events in total! With students from over 60 institutes participating in various activities and a footfall of over 20000, there will be no dearth of worthy adversaries to face or an audience to impress!

Even if you merely wish to spectate, with food stalls and other kinds of entertainment all over the place, you will not be bored for a minute while you are on campus. 

When you are out of breath after cheering for the athletes or being one yourself, haul yourself to the New Auditorium to be breathless once again as Anubhav Singh Bassi entertains you through the night!

Boasting of a plethora of events to participate in or witness, few sports fests in the country offer such a vibrant experience. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say what takes place between the 31st of January and the 2nd of February in IIM Indore will be, in every sense of the word, spectacular.

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