What happens when the pizza you ordered arrives late? Or when the fries and coke don’t come with the burger?

Or when the non-veg biryani gets mixed up with veg biryani…err pulao? Or when the ice-cream melts till your doorbell is rung?

First, you lash out at the delivery boy who might have swerved his way through the traffic on a motorcycle to deliver your order. Then, you text or phone the customer care executive to tell him or her that they don’t know a thing about either their job or how to serve customers.

Oh, and if the restaurant is at fault, you abuse your heart out in an amazingly negative review after threatening to never order from the place again.

Did I mention that the closing note most often is, “Refund my money or replace the order, you  <insert your favorite curse word>,”? Duh!

If you would behave like this in the above scenarios, you’re a part of the mainstream in a country where food is mood and mood is food.

Imagine what will happen if you could express your anger in the true spirit of a foodie with a dash of humor every time someone messed up with your food?

What The Falooda

One of India’s largest online food ordering and delivery company, Swiggy has come up with an innovative and creative marketing campaign to promote kindness.

“What the Falooda” is a desktop extension that highlights abuses that a customer may write and replaces cuss words or profane words with names of food items that make the angry comment less harsh for the customer care executive on the other end of the conversation.

For instance, “You bloody idiot,” will change to “You biryani idly”. Fun, isn’t it?

Swiggy released the following video to explain their campaign.


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Make Food, Not War

In this day and age, people take to social media platforms in a heartbeat to rant about every little thing that bothers them because they are #depressed.

In this train of thought, what they carry on board are hateful ideas and words, which they don’t bat an eye to hurl at those who are somehow related to the cause of their stress.

Yes, you are understandably frustrated when something goes wrong with the food order you placed. Sometimes, the hunger pangs get the better of you. However, you need to spare a thought for those who try to serve you well and value your meal as much as you do.

A customer care executive is a person who tries to solve your problem but is subjected to humiliation more often than not and is still expected to be calm and composed in any given circumstance.

The latest campaign by Swiggy is not just a creative way to ease off tension between the angry customer and the customer care executive, but also a reminder that you ought to be gentle and kind to each other, especially in times of distress.

Hate and abuse doesn’t help anyone any way.

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