Imagine a platter full of freshly baked pizza with hot melting cheese, chicken that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, a king size burger with the stuffing peeping through the lettuce leaves, and dark chocolate ice cream.

Okay, if you’re drooling already, let me stop teasing your taste buds before you begin to curse me.

The reason I served this appetizer metaphorically is to warm you up for a delightful main course to follow.

Most of us love food, albeit we may have different choices. However, some don’t know how to handle this love affair and therefore, go through the following milestones before breaking up with their health.

Stage 1: Denial And Delusion

This is the first stage of over-indulgence in food, which I’d like to call the D&D bubble.

When you experience the pleasure of eating some of your favorite flavors, you can’t help but take an extra helping. Gradually, some food items become irresistible and make you crave for them.

When you give in to the temptations too often (not your fault, right?), you begin to carry their manifestation wherever you go.

However, when someone points out at the flab on the belly, you think it’s a sign of good health- like they say, “khaate peete ghar ke hai!” You go all out to defend that which is close to your heart…err stomach.

The D&D bubble makes you believe others don’t understand your relationship but you must continue to nurture it, for it satiates you like nothing can. Like a warrior, you march ahead.

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Stage 2: Acknowledgement Followed By Ineffective Action

Some miles down the road, when there is a protrusion of the stomach, you realize that you can’t hide your relationship from the world anymore.

People try to tell you that you should control the love affair, lest it overpowers you. This is when you question if your love for food is weighing you down.

You acknowledge the fact that your old pictures and clothes don’t fit you anymore. Your conscience reminds you that you are not supposed to cross the line next time and exercise to restore physical well-being.

However, your bonding with food has become so strong by this stage that you resort to guilty pleasures, conscience be damned.

No matter how much you try to play hard-to-get, you can’t turn down noodles, momos, pasta etc., can you?

 Stage 3: Complete Acceptance And Indifference

This is the last and final stage where you become completely fearless. In fact, you accept what you’ve become with abandon and expect others to do the same.

You’re so besotted with the food you can’t do without that when you’re told what you’re doing is not good for your health, you turn indifferent.

You feel that you have the right to decide what you wish to eat and as long as you’re not eating off borrowed money, ain’t no one can keep you away from the love of your life.

A life lived without love is a life not lived at all. However, a life lived with intoxicating love is also a life not lived at all.

This blind indulgence in food leads you on to the path to obesity, which means you get burdened by the very food that made you happy. Not worth it, is it?

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