Watch: The Most Unforgettable And Newsworthy Indian Political Moments In History

Indian politics isn’t bereft of any drama, entertainment or newsworthy political moments.

Just look at the past week for instance, especially when the Indian parliament was deliberating over a no-confidence motion put forth against the ruling government.

Not just did we get a lot, a lot of quotes, both angry and otherwise from politicians across the political spectrum but, we even got a ‘jadoo ki jhhappi’ when opposition leader Rahul Gandhi walked across the floor of the parliament to hug the Prime Minister.

Yeah, a proper hug.

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And sure, there was a wink that came after, a wink that would make Priya Warrier proud but, the point is this made headlines.

India has had a history of unforgettable and newsworthy political moments. Some, that were way more effective than previous such moments in India’s political moments.

Here are just a few of the best and the most newsworthy Indian political moments:

Image sources: Google Images

Sources: Economic Times, India Today, Rediff

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