With Rahul Gandhi optimistic about odds being with him and Modi in the last few months of his term as the Prime Minister, 2019 might turn out to be a big twist in India’s fate.

People might despise Narendra Modi, but most of us are oblivious of what a brilliant self-manager and team manager he is.

Modi emerged as a world leader

Effective Leadership

BJP is the world’s largest political party by primary membership, having 100 million registered members and growing. The organization is strictly hierarchical, the president being at the highest executive power level.

But, nonetheless, Narendra Modi is the current apparent leader of Bharatiya Janata Party, being the Prime Minister of the nation. And leading such a huge political party is no different than leading and managing a huge business.

People with different ideologies and communities come together and form a political party. Modi, giving everyone enough consideration and time, along with leading the country is doing just the right kind of head-work.

Decision Making

Rejecting many old policies of the party and reassigning office posts to new members, taking strikingly challenging risks are all signs of an effective manager of a high cadre. Many steps Modi took have outraged the public but have proved to be good in time.

Decisions in politics or business are not based on emotions. They are made on practical approach to problems and utilization of power wisely. This can also be applied to our own personal lives.

Clarity of Thoughts and Ambition

Clear about his ambition from the very beginning, Modi gave us a clear picture of what he wants to do and what his goals for the country’s future are.

Be it demonetization, GST or other plans of the NDA, the picture was clear from the beginning itself. Having a clear vision is essential for an individual’s success.

Steps taken by the Prime Minister internally also have largely benefited all groups and communities of the citizens of this nation. Flip side always exists, some may have been affected badly too.

Demonetisation was a big step for the Indian Economy

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Far Foreseeing Vision Is The Key

While most of the Indian masses may say that the Prime Minister is wasting time and government money in traveling around the world, which according to them has brought no benefits to the country, rather than being a redundant Prime Minister, Modi saw what the nation needed.

Wars are largely expected in the coming years, and allies are essential for any nation. Keeping that in mind, he has visited over 40 countries in the past 4 years. What did we get out of those visits? Well, much more than we can think of.

The foreign deals under Modi comprise of development of digitization and economic growth cooperation deals, health sector and alternative medicine development deals, defense equipment and weaponry development deals, implementation of high speed and efficiency railway service & system deals, with major superpowers of the world like Russia, Germany, Japan, USA and many European nations.

Chinese Extend Deals to Modi

It is not the amount of work or size of the organization that decides your effectiveness as a manager. It is the right mindset of planning and implementation with which you can emerge a better manager and leader, with or without a title.

Accentuating your growth with a steady pace and not being bothered by showering criticism makes you the best leader you can ever be.

The Lok Sabha polls of 2019 will soon decide if Narendra Modi continues his jurisdiction or if the Gandhi nepotism takes over. Nevertheless, the past 5 years brought an effective manager and great leader out to the world’s eyes. 

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Sources: Zee Business, Firstpost, Quora

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