Watch: Writing Of Words Like High Court, Police, Army And Press On Your Private Vehicle Can Land You In Trouble Now

After the recent bus tragedy in Pauri Garhwal, where as many as 48 lives were lost, the Uttarakhand High Court passed a number of directions with regard to road safety.

The Secretary of the transport department of the state was asked to prepare a report on road safety issues, along with viable solutions to those issues. It was on the basis of this report that the directions were passed.

In India, it is a common sight to see stickers bearing the designation or post of office on private vehicles.

While showing off their position is one obvious reason why these stickers are found on the vehicles, another reason is to use this position to violate traffic rules and skip paying parking charges.

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But after the latest judgement from the Uttarakhand HC, writing of words like High Court, Police, Army, and Press on your private vehicle is illegal.

Here is the full list of orders passed by the Uttarakhand High Court:

It is good to see the administration waking up to take actions. We sincerely hope that other states will take note of this and follow.

Sources: Times Of India, News18, Economic Times + more

Image Credits: Google Images

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