A few days ago AB De Villiers announced the launch of his wines in India through an Instagram post.

The post had a wine bottle on top of a rickshaw with the text ‘The eagle has landed! Our wines are now available in Delhi’.

Along with that was an Indian flag on the bottom corner.


Despite being the most loved cricketer in the world, we as a nation found a way to take offense even to this.

Offense Over Use Of Flag:

Indians all over bombed this post of AB De Villiers considering this post to be offensive.

People were most offended by the Indian national flag on the bottom, stating it to be a misuse of the flag.

The comments in the section were pathetic, going from calling this a ‘shameful act’, demanding the Indian flag to be taken down and more asinine comments.

The Indian flag was included just for the sake of promotion to indicate that the wine was now available in India. He is an international player followed by everyone around the world. And a lot his followers won’t have an idea where Delhi is.

So the flag inclusion was obvious and there was nothing to even take offense to. The flag is not even on the bottle.

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Not Offensive When It’s In Our Favour:

We take offense to anything and everything. We were offended by a Russian who hasn’t watched cricket and doesn’t know who Sachin is but only a handful of people might know the names of the players of our own national sport

Danish Girl’s TV premiere had to be canceled in India because the censor board was offended by its content.

Sholay, one of the most celebrated Indian movie has a scene of Dharmendra getting a feel of Hema Malini while teaching her how to shoot a gun was, however, absolutely okay.

People forgot the fact that the player literally plays for an IPL team owned by an alcohol company.

If a cricketer cannot be associated with alcohol, why weren’t the crowd miffed when an alcohol company bought a cricket team.

I have never seen anyone protest the name of the brand ‘ITC’ (India Tobacco Company) which literally has the name of the nation followed by tobacco. We will rather take offense to a brand promotion campaign.

Indians and Alcohol:

India is the largest consumer of alcohol. The Indian alcohol market is growing at a rate of 8.8% per annum and is expected to reach 16.8 billion liters per year of consumption by the year 2022. And that is just the accounted sales, self-made alcohol is not part of the report.

For a nation with the most drunks, the comments were just abysmal. This just proves that India as a nation are always on their toes and ready to take offense from wherever they can.

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Sources: Times Now, DNA, Business Wire + more

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