Watch: Schools In India That Look Nothing Less Than A Vacation Spot

Cherish the nostalgia!

All of us miss our precious and carefree school days. We cherish those moments wherein we used to roam around our school campus with our friends. If you have graduated from your school quite a while back, I am sure you also miss your school environment, if not the classes. :P

Most of us have memories of bunking our classes or maybe some unexecuted plans around the same. But who thought that school campuses could be so attractive that students would want to stay in there forever?

There are a bunch of schools in India with gorgeous, lush campuses that offer a serene studying environment that you and I would probably not want to skip. While some of these school campuses stand amidst beautiful hills, others have classical structures that offer royal vibes.

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These schools remind us of beautiful vacation spots that we are anyway missing this year. Here are some of the schools with a peaceful and tranquil learning environment:

Did you also delve into nostalgic vibes?

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