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With the pandemic disrupting our daily life and well-laid plans, the education system too is in a fix. Although people are saying that this pandemic has exposed the defects in our education system, I don’t agree.

I believe that this pandemic has just exposed an already defective education system. It may sound odd, but hear me out.

Inefficient teaching methods

Most schools employ candidates as teachers who were good students. A good student need not be a good teacher, and that’s common sense. But well, the hiring process is messed up and I guess the authorities could care less.

I have seen teachers who interfere in a student’s personal life, do not hesitate from making personal remarks and even resort to bullying and body shaming.

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Teachers often preach about ‘class unity’. But, they often get their favourite student to act as their spy and get class gossip for themselves.

Co-ed schools making separate rows for boys and girls in the classroom is still confusing to me. I almost find it all the more paradoxical when they expect the students to socialize once they step out of the school.

Exam based education

The purpose of education is to gain knowledge. But it seems that our teachers and authorities have forgotten that and is more concerned about taking exams instead. I wouldn’t have thought so if their actions made it seem otherwise.

In this pandemic, educational facilities were not able to complete their syllabus. With lockdown being imposed from March, schools and colleges had to close down abruptly. But with the semester breaks and time for half yearly exams approaching, authorities are spending sleepless nights trying to figure out ways to get done with the exams.

What they seem to have forgotten is that first, the students need to be taught before they sit for exams.

Or maybe they have taken it for granted that the students will rely on other means, other than school and college appointed teachers and professors to complete their syllabus.

Lack of Clarity

Even with authorities deciding that they will take the exam by any means possible, they aren’t sure how. This ambiguity and lack of decision-making skills won’t harm them but the students.

On one hand, some universities in Delhi are coming up with online exams as the solution – not considering the underprivileged students who don’t have access to internet facilities.

On the other hand, some universities in West Bengal have not yet decided what they are going to do but have announced that they would publish the results by August.

So, as of now, the students do not know how to prepare. They can also understand that with so many candidates sitting for the exam, no university will be able to fairly evaluate all the answer sheets within a week or two.

There were many flaws in this education system beforehand. But it seems that this pandemic has forced those flaws out in public and put them on display.

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