Watch: 6 Most Uncanny Restaurants In India That Have Unusual Themes

Unlock 1.0 has started and almost all the sectors have been opened but sadly, reopening millennials’ favorite places like restaurants, bars and cafes still bear a question mark.

We can’t goof around with our friends at our happy places (every group has these places where they hang out all the time or you can say hung out all the time).

We all have made countless plans for the day when this corona thing will finally end. We have thought who we are going to meet first and spill out our long time detained gossips on them. We have already fantasized about everything we would be doing after the coronavirus.

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You all might be looking for the best places you will visit with your gang and relish your old memories with them.

So, in the video below, we present to you a list of 6 most unusual theme restaurants in India where you might enjoy the food in a mystifying manner.

We are just waiting for the day when we will be set free without any fear of touching someone and maintaining a distance while we talk. But till then we need to be extra cautious so that we can once again hang out at our happy places promptly.

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