Schools and hospitals are two very important and for lack of a better word, sacred places almost. The school is where education is imparted and a hospital is where people gain another life.

There is a reason why so many rules and regulations have to be followed when in either of them. But of course, that is only limited to until the time you are within the building.

Because the minute you step out, you are confronted with the ugly reality that comes when hospitals and schools in Delhi are placed right in the middle of residential places.

And unfortunately, this is not something rare, but quickly becoming more of a norm with more and more schools and hospitals being built in such areas.

Because it is certainly not us who should care that hospitals require quiet and peace around it, or that the students could get disturbed by the activity happening in residential places.

schools in delhi

This Nuisance Is Only Growing By The Day

A hospital or school in a residential place creates problems for both the latter and the former parties.

Whether it be a hospital or a school, a residential colony is definitely not an ideal location for these institutes.

Hospitals require a very peaceful location that does not bring about a lot of traffic, loud noises or a unhygienic environment.

On the other hand, schools require a safe and disciplined environment for the students so that they can fully take in what is being taught without getting distracted by a busy atmosphere around them.

Now, to an extent, I can understand the need to keep pre-schools or elementary schools in residential places.

First, the school time for such institutes is not very long, barely 2 or 3 hours, second would be the age of the students themselves. Sending such young kids to faraway schools could not just make the child anxious but could also prove to be unsafe.

But according to me, the higher level schools should definitely be a little away from residential places. In my opinion, there should at least a distance of 2 or 3 kilometers between a school and the residential spaces.

schools in delhi

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It Is Not Just Schools In Delhi, But DU Colleges Too

Even DU colleges like Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Aurobindo College and more are in extremely weird locations.

The one thing that having schools or colleges in such places does is increase the traffic by a lot. This not only inconveniences the residents but even the students attending the institute.

The buses, vans, and parents with their cars and all, who have come to pick up or drop off their kids create a lot of commotion and hold-up which is not suitable for the residential areas.

It is high time that having hospitals, colleges or schools in Delhi in such troublesome places be dealt with as soon as possible.

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