Watch: Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations From Around The World

This one is not for the faint-hearted!

After being cooped up in our houses for months on end, travelling and exploring new places may seem like a distant dream to all of us. We no longer have the luxury to travel around the world as we could before. 

Yet, most travel enthusiasts will always be on the lookout for new places to discover and fascinating landscapes to visit. The joy of travelling and the craving for new adventures never entirely leaves the human mind.

But have you ever wondered about the places that may fulfill your search for thrilling experiences but could potentially be a dangerous spot for tourists to visit?

Here is a list of places from around the world that fit the bill and are considered some of the most hazardous and unsafe areas for anyone to visit. 

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Whether it is the risk of coming in contact with poisonous flora, swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls, visiting an island inhabited by the deadliest of snakes and being within proximity of active volcanoes, all these locations have their reasons for being considered dangerous and are certainly only meant for the brave. 

And so, it is no surprise that tourists should undoubtedly think twice before planning a vacation to these unconventional travel destinations! 

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Sources: Reader’s Digest, Inside Hook, National Geographic

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