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In the pre-pandemic era, which was approximately 600 years ago, the threat of an upcoming Monday was enough to ruin the calm of a Sunday evening. 

Like most people, I too wasn’t particularly on board with the concept of Monday. A day that’ll replace my sloth-like binge-watching habit with 8 AM classes that make me crave the sweet embrace of the void? Hard pass. 

And yet, 2020, the unending rollercoaster that only goes down, has changed my perception of Mondays. Now, Mondays are tolerable and, dare I say, something to look forward to. 

No Concept Of Time

I genuinely do not remember April 2020. For me, it might as well have never even existed. I can say the same for most of 2020 because folks, time is an abstract concept and that has become clear to us now more than ever. 

Now that I’m forgetting entire months, a week feels like nothing. Tomorrow is Monday? That’s basically a period of 5 minutes. Who cares about such minuscule pockets of time? Don’t worry, it’ll pass.

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Home Is Work And Work Is Home 

Since work/study from home has become the norm, life has been a cycle of getting up, opening Zoom/Meet/Teams, staring into the screen, going back to sleep and repeating for eternity. 

When Saturday comes along, I have the freedom to do anything that I can possibly imagine, except being in close proximity with other humans, but I’m an introvert so that option was not feasible even before a global pandemic. 

Yet every weekend I walk down the same path, watching YouTube for an ungodly amount of time. 

By the time 3 AM comes knocking, I find myself thinking, “Being in class would’ve been better than this.” At least sitting through a Monday gives me a false sense of productivity. And isn’t that all one wants in a lockdown?

That is the power of Mondays now. If the weekend is the wasteland of no structure and an abyss of social media use, Monday is your knight in shining armour, coming along on a galloping horse, saving you from yourself. 

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